The cutest thing I’ve EVER made.

I took Home Ec in sixth grade, but we moved in the middle of the year.  In Shreveport, where I spent the first half of the year, we cooked first & sewed second.  We moved to Calhoun, where they sewed first & cooked second.  So I had a whole year of cooking & could do nothing more than simply identify a sewing machine.

Truthfully, I had no interest in learning to sew.  Zero interest whatsoever.  When I needed a pair of pants hemmed or anything like that, I’d go to my mom.  When I was really having a crisis with the hem coming out of a pair of pants at work when I was heading to court, I would grab the scotch tape & fix that problem quickly.

But then I discovered Etsy.  Suddenly, I was wishing I knew how to make some of the great things I saw on there.  So it brought me to a conclusion that I never thought I’d come to.  I wanted to learn to sew.  I put that idea out there & my friend, Heather, who has been sewing since she was seven years old, volunteered to teach me.

So, ever since October of 2010, Heather & I have been sewing together three or four nights per month, with a three month hiatus during the holiday season.

The first thing I made was a pin cushion & I was so proud of that thing!  Since then, we’ve made rice bags, sock monsters, pillow cases, skirts, a quilt (which is not quite complete), and then I found THIS.  I came across this picture/tutorial on Pinterest & knew I wanted to make one.

Melissa (my sister/roommate) & I recently painted our living room green & put up tree wall decals, so Heather & I made one of these pillows last Wednesday & it looks perfect in our tree-themed living room.  This was my first time to work with Heat & Bond/applique & it amazed me how easily & quickly it all came together.  Here is my pillow:

I love it!  If anyone is interested in the tutorial on how to make one of these pillows, here you go! –