Thoughts on Terrorism

Thirteen years ago, I had no idea what terrorism was. I had simply never heard the term. In fact, I think I can remember asking my dad on September 11, 2001 what a terrorist was after hearing the term “terrorist attack” used to describe the day’s events. Common sense tells me now a terrorist is one who inflicts terror, but the whole idea was so foreign to me on that awful day that I asked. Then I spent the next two nights sleeping on a pallet on my parents’ bedroom floor at the age of 21.

I suppose I lived a very sheltered life in my first twenty-one years, because I now realize there are parts of the world where terrorism is commonplace and children are raised with the real threat of terror at any given moment. Thankfully, my childhood was free of this worry. My biggest worry as a child was that Mama would call me back home before I wanted to be finished playing with Jennifer and Johnathan. I got to attend school and play with my friends without ever hearing about beheadings or hijacked passenger planes crashing into buildings. I’m sad that we can’t say the same about the children of today. On September 11, 2001, my sister, Ashley, lived in Bossier City just miles from where Air Force One landed at Barksdale Air Force Base and President Bush made a statement to the nation. My nephew, Caleb, was 1 1/2 at the time. Seth was three. Jacob wasn’t even born. My nephews have been raised in a world where terrorism and the threat of it is a reality. Their earliest memories probably all came after 9/11/01. This makes me sad.

Bin Laden orchestrated the deaths of nearly 3,000 people doing nothing more scandalous or offensive than going to work or flying across the country for a business trip or vacation. Eleven years later, four Americans were killed in an attack on Benghazi. In the past few weeks, ISIS has beheaded two Americans and seems to be more and more emboldened to commit more barbaric acts. Well, I say they’re emboldened, but they’re still hiding behind their masks. Is there really such a thing as an emboldened coward? That seems like an oxymoron.

These terrorists are serious. They hate Americans and they want us dead. They’re not “JV” as President Obama previously labeled them. The Mexico/United States border situation is a joke and ISIS could send their jihadists across that border far too easily. (Jihad – another word I did not know until I was an adult.) We are inviting terror on our own soil again. September 11, 2001 was a sucker punch; this is entirely different. We’re rolling out the red carpet. We can’t be surprised when heinous acts start happening on American soil. The lack of leadership in this country is astounding and embarrassing. This terrorist group must be taken seriously. We are not dealing with reasonable people here, and if we aren’t careful, it’s going to be kill or be killed before we know it. Our President needs to discover his backbone and let our strong, honorable military resolve this problem once and for all. Just get it done. Don’t play around with them or try to pacify them. Put an end to them. Destroy them.

We can’t go back to a time when terrorism isn’t real to us. I would imagine everyone who was over the age of eight or ten likely remembers where they were on September 11, 2001. It was a day that showed there was true evil in the world to those of us who had never really encountered it. I pray that our leaders will do everything in their power to prevent something horrible like that from happening again. If we close our eyes really tight and try to ignore them, they don’t disappear. They’re still there. We have to stop these terrorists in their tracks. The grownups in the room need to actually be the grownups in the room and make the right decisions, so maybe, just maybe, the kids can be carefree kids again.


Thoughts on the George Zimmerman acquittal

All of America knows the verdict by now.  George Zimmerman was found not guilty in connection with charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  Many people are up in arms over the verdict, saying they are ashamed to be American, comparing this to what happened with Emmett Till, etc.

Personally, I think the verdict was just.  I think what happened was an absolute tragedy and it is very sad that a young man lost his life in the process.  I wish Zimmerman and Martin would have simply had a civil, respectful conversation.  Martin could have explained that his father lived in the area and he was walking home.  Zimmerman could have explained that he was neighborhood watch and wanted to make sure everything was cool, since there had been break-ins recently in their neighborhood and he didn’t recognize Travyon.  It could have been a simple, easy resolution.  They didn’t trust each other, but if they had simply spoken like gentlemen, everyone would have gone home and a young man wouldn’t have lost his life.

The problem I am seeing where people are turning a blind eye is this – Trayvon did not have a gun, but he turned his fists and the concrete into weapons.  Was Trayvon innocently walking home from the store with his snacks?  Yes.  But when it turned into a physical altercation where Trayvon was pummeling George Zimmerman, innocence was thrown out.  To overlook the fact that Trayvon was beating up George Zimmerman is to be naive and ignorant.  That is a fact of the case.  The shooting did not happen until the altercation had turned physical.  “An innocent little boy” did not lose his life for buying Skittles & tea.  Travyon’s innocence was thrown out when he threw a punch.  I sincerely wish they’d just had a simple conversation and gone their separate ways.  I’m sure Zimmerman wishes that as well, along with Trayvon’s family.  Nobody would wish someone dead.  But let’s be realistic about the fact that a physical fight happened, and it takes two to tie up.

The prosecution had no evidence to show this was done maliciously or because Zimmerman was a “wanna be cop who just wanted to shoot someone”.  These two men tied up in a physical altercation and, tragically, one lost his life.  I would imagine Zimmerman will be haunted by this the rest of his life.

For anyone who looked at the actual evidence of the trial and looked at facts rather than getting wrapped up in emotion, the “not guilty” verdict makes complete sense.  The prosecution highlighted this with their attempts to throw in other possible charges toward the end of the trial – how about third degree murder due to child abuse?!  They were grasping at straws at that point.  Rationally minded people who looked at the facts can understand the “not guilty” verdict.

Those people making ridiculous comments such as “the jury should all kill themselves” are shameful.  Thank goodness a jury was selected who considered the facts of the case instead of declared Zimmerman guilty, just because of emotions.  We all know an overly emotional person.  Let that person come to mind.  Think about how personally they take everything.  Think about how easily their feelings get hurt and the grudges they hold.  Think about how they have their minds made up already that they’re mad about something and won’t allow anyone to explain what happened with whatever it is they’re upset about.  Is that the person you’d want on a jury judging you?  I sure wouldn’t.  Give me a rational, thoughtful person any day.

Again, is it sad?  Absolutely.  It’s tragic.  I feel for Trayvon Martin’s family (and George Zimmerman’s, for that matter) and I can’t imagine the heartbreak they’ve been experiencing all along since Travyon’s death.  Nobody wanted a young man to lose his life.  Nobody is going to look at this case and be happy.  It’s sad all around.  But the facts have shown self defense.

I pray no organization will try to stir up any more trouble.  Zimmerman has been tried in a court of law & found not guilty by a jury of his peers.  Now, please, just leave it alone.  Let the man try to get on with his life.  Let the Martin family try to heal without the constant media circus.

My hope is that the Martin family and the Zimmerman family can find healing and peace.  And my hope is also that America will calm down and stop trying to stir up controversy on issues that are irrelevant to the facts.

Really, America? (#1)

There are many things I don’t understand.  In fact, I may come up with a little series here on my blog.  I think I’ll call it the Really, America? series.  Every so often, something will come along that baffles me.  So here’s today’s mind-boggling issue.

Today a ruling was handed down in Colorado that permits a 6 year old boy who identifies as a girl to use the girls’ restroom at school.  They’re calling this six year old child transgendered.  A six year old little boy.  A psychologist labeled this child transgendered when he was four.  Four!  And now they’re ruling that he should be able to use the same bathroom as all the little girls.  Wow.

What about the actual little girls, who were born with little girl parts?  If I had a little girl at that school and they ruled that a little boy with little boy parts who wanted to have little girl parts could utilize the little girls’ restroom, I’d have a problem with that.  A big problem.  According to the article, the school had denied the child’s access to the girls’ bathroom, but was going to allow him to use the bathrooms designated for teachers or nurses.  I think that was very compassionate of them in this situation.  If this family was so against having their son use the boys’ restroom, then that was a reasonable and compassionate thing for the school to allow.  Oh, no.  This wasn’t good enough.  This was discrimination.

Now, they say, this clears the way for students – at least in Colorado at this point – to use the bathrooms that “match who they are”.  I’m sorry, what?  This is not difficult.  Public restrooms have always been set up for people to go to the bathroom that matches who they are.  Those with penises, proceed to the boys’ restroom.  Those with vaginas, proceed to the girls’ restroom.  Penis – boy.  Vagina – girl.   Why is this confusing?

I read some comments posted underneath the article.  One stated that what is to stop any man from going into a women’s locker room or women’s shower at a gym, because he “feels” like a woman?  Bingo.  Someone else said his son had been crawling on all fours and meowing like a cat all afternoon, so he was going to respect his decision and get him a fur coat, and then sue the school to put a litter box in the bathroom for him to use.  I have to admit, that one made me laugh out loud.

But wow.  This is where we are, America.  Really?  Wow.