I’ll admit it. I’ve become a breakfast snob.

It’s rare that I’ll go buy lunch somewhere on a workday.  There are a few reasons for that.  One of those reasons is that I like to save my money.  The other big reason is that our office is now located in a part of town that doesn’t have the best food options, at least not when you only have a thirty minute lunch break.  If I were a fan of fast food hamburger chains, I’d be in trouble.  But I’d rather avoid those.  Breakfast, however, has started to become a problem.

I like breakfast.  When I say I like breakfast, I’m not talking about a bowl of cereal or instant oatmeal.  Those things will do in a pinch, but I like a tasty breakfast.  Sometimes I’ll open a muffin mix and bake some muffins before work.  I’ll wrap up two for me and two for my sister in aluminum foil and we’ll take them to go.  (I must admit, I’m a snob even when it comes to packaged muffin mixes.  If we don’t have real frozen blueberries to add to blueberry muffins or extra chocolate chips to add to chocolate chip muffins, then I’d rather just not make them.)  Sometimes I’ll throw a couple of biscuits in the oven and heat up a slice of ham in a skillet and wrap up ham biscuits for my sister & me.  Sometimes I’ll swing by McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin or Daily Harvest for a giant chocolate haystack cookie or a cranberry apple pecan muffin.  If I lived close to ULM – which, I must say, in the grand scheme of things, I’m glad I don’t – I would be liable to stop by Einstein Brother’s Bagels.  Ever since Melissa introduced me to those on my birthday, I’ve been craving them every so often.  She brought a half dozen to the house on my birthday and we ended up freezing four of them, but those have long since been eaten.  You’d think I could just buy a bag of bagels at the grocery store to keep on hand.  Nope.  Now that I’ve tried Einstein Brother’s, Walmart bagels just won’t do.  See, I told you – breakfast snob.

Every so often I’ll feel generous and decide to bring breakfast to my roommates at work.  A Daily Harvest craving hit me a few weeks ago, so I left extra early to get breakfast for myself and my roommates.  I pulled into the Daily Harvest parking lot only to see a sign on their window stating that they had moved to a new location on Cypress Street.  I took a photo of the sign so I could google the new address once I got to work.  Momentarily, I was disappointed.  I was really looking forward to a muffin and it sure wasn’t going to happen that day.  The disappointment quickly gave way to happiness, because anywhere on Cypress was going to be more convenient than dealing with West Monroe High School traffic on North 7th.  I got to work, searched for the address, and discovered their new location is much closer to my house!  I barely have to leave any earlier at all and I can easily pick up breakfast at Daily Harvest.  This is great news!  Sort of.

I think I’ve gotten Daily Harvest breakfast three times since I discovered they moved.  Possibly four times.  This is not good for my bank account.  This could become ridiculous very quickly.  So I believe it is time to institute what I’ve heard Dave Ramsey talk about time and time again – the envelope system.  I won’t use the envelope system for every spending category, but I truly need to figure out how much I will allow myself to spend on buying breakfasts (and the occasional lunch) every month.  When the cash runs out, so does the spending.  Fortunately, as I was leaving Daily Harvest one day this week (yes, I went more than once this week), I noticed a sign – Yesterday’s Muffins:  1/2 price while they last!  I don’t mind a day old muffin!  Now I just have to get into the habit of asking what they have left from the previous day and buying one of those.  That’ll give me another day I can get a Daily Harvest muffin.  Two for the price of one basically!  Alright, now comes the hard part of figuring out how much I’m going to put in that envelope every month without going overboard.  Wish me luck!