A Friday night well spent.

Melissa & I had the opportunity to volunteer for Compassion International at a Bebo Norman concert this past Friday night.  We’ve volunteered at events like this in the past, but not in a really long time.  I’m thankful my friend, Brooke, was contacted to volunteer & gave me the heads up about it.  I think Compassion revamped their volunteer process in the past few years and Melissa & I apparently never went through the process to be added back to the list.  But, thanks to Brooke, we found out about this opportunity & contacted Compassion.

Melissa & I both love Compassion.  We both sponsor kids & have actually formed relationships with the kids we sponsor.  We write letters back & forth with them.  We’ve both made letter writing a priority, so we hear from our sponsored kids a lot more often than sponsors who never or rarely write.

We worked at the table with child packets of children waiting for sponsors.  Bebo spoke a little bit about Compassion & encouraged the audience to consider sponsoring.  Melissa & I, along with two other volunteers, helped with the paperwork & accepted payments from the new sponsors.

One lady asked for a little boy from a certain country, so I went through several packets until I found a child who met that description.  I handed the packet to the lady & she said to her son, “Look, Max!  He has the same name as you!”  Her son’s eyes widened & the lady filled out the form to begin sponsoring the little boy.

Another lady asked for a little girl born in 2002.  I found a little girl who fit that description, and the lady looked at the packet & pointed out to her daughter that she & this little girl were born two days apart.  As I talked to the lady, I learned that she was going to let her daughter be the one to write the letters & correspond with this child.  I think it’ll be fun for these two girls, who are just hours from being exactly the same age, to become friends.

My favorite reaction of the night was an elderly couple.  They looked through the child packets on the table & chose a little girl to sponsor.  The husband filled out the paperwork & made the first payment.  As they were walking away, they took the child packet & the wife smiled ear to ear and said, “We have a daughter!”  They linked arms & walked off with big smiles on their faces.

Goodness, I love Compassion International.  I’m glad I decided to sponsor about nine years ago at a Jars of Clay/Caedmon’s Call concert.  It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I think a total of 22 children received sponsors Friday night at that concert.  That’s 22 happy children & 22 blessed new sponsors.  What a gift, for both sides of the sponsorship.