Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

After spending my early adulthood sleeping on an old mattress that was probably twenty years old, I decided to upgrade back in 2008.  Following a hurricane with a lot of disaster relief overtime, I used my entire overtime check on a Sealy Posturepedic pillow top mattress.  It was glorious.  I loved that mattress for years.  I can remember two instances where I gave up my bed for friends who were visiting from out of town and they both asked me about my mattress the following morning because they loved it like I did.  I have very high mattress standards.

Fast forward to about six months ago.  As soon as I would lie down at night I would, like always, think to myself – I love my bed – but I’d often wake up with back pain.  I also got to the point that I was waking up a lot at night, rotating from side to stomach to other side to back to side to stomach to other side to back.  It had gotten to the point it was just too soft for me.  It was time to think about mattress shopping again.  My home that I bought about a year ago has a pretty large master bedroom, so I decided I would upgrade to a queen size bed and move my full size bed to my empty guest room.  That’s been something I’ve looked forward to: having an honest to goodness guest room.  This would all work out perfectly.  I just had to find the mattress.

I heard Tuft & Needle advertised on the Dave Ramsey show.  A mattress in a box sounded kind of bizarre, but I started researching different options and reading reviews.  There are actually a lot of “mattress in a box” companies out there now.  Tuft & Needle had great reviews, but there were three things that drew me in:

#1 – $600 for a queen size mattress with free shipping, delivered to my door.

#2 – Made in America!

#3 – They offer a 100 night trial.  If you’re not satisfied, they don’t ask you to vacuum seal a mattress into a box and ship it back.  They have you donate it to a local charity and show your receipt proving the donation and they refund you in full.  (This one was especially appealing, because it’s just incredibly kind.)

So after saving for a few months, I went for it.  I ordered my Tuft & Needle mattress on a Saturday morning.  It was delivered to my door early the following Tuesday.  I was amazed how quickly it arrived.


Initially, I thought I would keep it in the box until I went to IKEA the following weekend to get a queen bed frame to match my other furniture, but I tossed and turned so much Monday night that I asked my dad to come over & disassemble my old bed and help me move it to the guest room.

When my T&N mattress arrived, Daddy came back over and helped me drag it in the house and set it up in my room.  Most people could probably move it themselves and I’m sure I could have tugged and pulled and pushed and made that happen, but I’m about as strong as I look, so I was happy for Daddy’s help!


Sayid was very interested in the process.  It was kind of fascinating to watch the mattress expand to full size (10” tall) in about a minute once the plastic was cut away.  I ended up sleeping with this mattress on the floor the first several nights.  Sayid doesn’t have the leg strength to jump onto a bed anymore, but I allowed him to sleep on my bed when it was on the floor.  He can still climb 10”.  He approved.  He spent a lot of time on the mattress.  He even bypassed his last treat of the night so he could get to the mattress quicker one night.


After three nights on the floor and two nights a little higher up on box springs, I had my new queen bed frame and Daddy came & put it together for me.  (Daddy likes to photobomb.)


The first couple of weeks on the mattress, I liked it, but I didn’t love it.  There were nights I slept really great and other nights I would toss and turn a bit, having a hard time getting comfortable.  I guess going from a plush pillow top to a mattress this firm was such a big change that I was having a hard time adjusting.  I contacted Tuft & Needle and asked if there was a topper they recommended to soften the mattress a bit.  I was told that they actually make toppers and would be happy to send me a complimentary topper.  I told them I’d give it a few more nights and would request one if needed.  Several nights of mixed results followed, so I asked them to send the topper.

It came in just a few days later.  It adds two inches of height to my bed.  My pillow top was really high and I was kind of disappointed that my bed might not be as high when I switched to a new mattress.  My bed is now even taller than it was.  I now have to lean up and look down to see the time on my alarm clock.  I’m considering moving my alarm clock across the room to make myself get up earlier and not hit snooze as many times!



I’ve been sleeping on the topper for the past nine nights.  My conclusion is that the topper has made this bed perfect for me.  I’m back to that familiar thought that I’ve had the better part of the last nine years when my head hits the pillow – I love my bed.

I don’t need 100 nights to try this out.  I’m keeping it and sleeping gloriously again.  I’m very happy with my purchase.  Also – now accepting guests and providing a very comfortable, albeit very soft, bed!


One thought on “Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

  1. I love Daddy’s photo bomb pic! 😂 I’m glad you got a great new mattress, too! While our new ones aren’t Tuft & Needle, we did get a great deal on them and they’re very comfortable. The boys (especially Jacob!) are thrilled to have new mattresses. I’m not sure how old Jacob’s was, but it wasn’t as old as Caleb’s (18+ years; we got it from Aunt Susie) or ours (18 years)… His was the thinnest one, though, so it was the least comfortable.

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