Something New

Goodness, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? So here’s something new – I bought a house! It’s an adorable little house and I am very fond of it. It’s perfect for me. It’s roughly 1200 square feet – actually a little less, I think – and it suits me perfectly. I think this house and I are MFEO. (For those who aren’t fans of Sleepless in Seattle, that means we’re made for each other.)

I wasn’t sure if I’d like living alone. Before I bought this house, I’d never lived alone. Sure, I’d have weeks here and there when Melissa and I were roommates and she’d go out of town for vacation and I’d have the house to myself for short periods of time. But truly living alone? I wasn’t sure how I’d like it. It needed to happen because I was ready to buy a house and I am, indeed, solo. I’ve got about five months under my belt at this point and I can conclude that living alone suits me just fine.

Am I a little warm or cold? I can adjust the thermostat to my liking. Do I want peace and quiet? I can have a completely silent home. Do I want to blast an iTunes playlist while I clean or watch an episode of Friends while I cook? Have at it! When I want to go to bed, the house is nice and dark and there’s no light creeping under my bedroom door. There’s no sound of a television when I’m falling asleep – just my fan & Sayid’s snoring, which I love. I like a clean kitchen when I go to bed and the dirty dishes and messes that come about are mine and mine alone. Well, sometimes they’re Sayid’s, but I don’t mind cleaning up after my boy. When I have lots of dirty dishes, that just means I made something really great from scratch or I had company over for a meal and those are both good things. Plus, Netflix can keep me company while I clean up. I have covered parking. I haven’t experienced winter yet in my home, but there won’t be ice on my windshield. My stained concrete floors are a breeze to clean. My living room is adorable. When I sit on my couch and look across the room, it’s nothing but encouragement and words of wisdom on my gallery wall. When it’s time for a Netflix marathon, I pull my chair and foot stool up close, grab a blanket, and spend some quality time with the Reagans or the Taylors or the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

My sweet parents are just a few miles away, so Daddy comes over with his measuring tape, nails, hollow wall anchors, and level and hangs up my wall decorations whenever I find where I want something to be placed. Everything looks so good. I love it. I feel very blessed to have this home. I’m very thankful to have this place. It’s good. It’s a good place to be.

On work mornings, it’s still pretty dark when I get up, but on Saturday mornings, when I exit my bedroom, it makes me smile when I see my living room with the morning sun coming in. There are times I think to myself – I can’t believe I live here. I think this house and I can grow old together.

On days when I mow, I sometimes encounter snakes – I’ve seen six so far! – and I have a pretty good sized hill in my back yard which takes some effort, but even still, I’m thankful. I have a yard to mow. I get to mow a yard.

I could not have an easier commute from my new home. I get to work just as quickly as I ever have, but don’t have to deal with nearly as much traffic getting to the interstate. I am literally five minutes from my church and it still surprises me how quickly I arrive.

My recent DSNAP deployment, which was literally an exhausting 100 hour work week, brought about one of those very rare overtime checks, so I decided to use some of it to splurge on three adorable bar stools. Now all I lack is a guest bed & dresser and a grill. I think this place will feel pretty complete at that point.

At the moment, I’m sitting on my couch with my feet on my foot stool, listening to a great playlist on my iTunes. Sayid is snoozing at my feet. There are two small freezer bags of leftover spaghetti sauce, ready to go in the freezer tonight for those nights I don’t want to put in any more effort than boiling some pasta and shredding some parmesan. (I’m sure Sayid hopes he’s with me when that happens, because the boy can hear a cheese wrapper from a mile away.) The dishwasher is full and running.  Friday night has arrived. Work is over for the week. Sleep is welcome. I have a cute house, which at times felt like it would never be a reality. Life is good.  I’m thankful.