Louisiana Sneaux Days

We’ve had three straight snow days in north Louisiana. Well, we’ve had two ice days, one snow day, and one more snow day in store for tomorrow. For Louisiana, that’s a lot. I mean, really a lot. I’ve come to the following conclusions.

#1 – The best part of a snow day is sleeping late. After that, they can get pretty boring. Just ask Sayid. He has spent many moments just staring at me out of sheer boredom, willing me to get him out for some type of exercise in this slushy, nasty weather. We’ve gotten a bit of exercise, but we’ll both be happy for warmer, sunnier weather.

#2 – I’m so thankful to have a job. I’m thankful to have a job where the safety and wellbeing of the staff is a concern and they’ll close the office and allow us to stay off the roads when they’re slick and hazardous, but I’ll be happy to go back to work. This sitting at home all day does not suit me.

#3 – I eat too much when I’m more or less under house arrest. There’s really no need to turn this week into an All You Can Eat Buffet, but I kind of have. Bless.

#4 – This time of year is the perfect time to have picked up a new running hobby. (This running hobby is only guaranteed to last through Lent, but much to my surprise, I am enjoying it. So who knows, maybe it’ll continue.) Yesterday evening – once the ice was melting away and the snow hadn’t made its way to the area yet – was the most lovely day to run. I also must confess – I use the term “run” loosely. During these “runs”, I’ve run a total of eight minutes each time and none of them consecutive, so I’m still very much a walker with short bursts of running. You’ve got to start somewhere, I suppose. But anyway, this was the most picturesque part of my run yesterday. Beautiful!


This afternoon, once those big, sad puppy eyes were too much to bear any longer, I took Sayid for a walk. Here’s a photo of the same location today.


As we were walking, with snow all around us and the church bells ringing out a song down the street, I felt like I had been transported to Chicago to the set of Home Alone. We passed a neighbor at her mailbox and I almost asked her if this whole scene and the church bells made her think of Home Alone, but I didn’t want to be the neighborhood weirdo, so I kept that thought to myself. It made me smile, though.

Sayid had a few opportunities to play in the snow today and he had fun. His favorite was catching snowballs we threw to him. He’d take them right in the face, spit them out, and then snack on them a little bit. He was adorable with snowflakes all over his face.





The snow was beautiful and I’m glad we got to enjoy it. I’m hopeful now that God will bring on the sunshine and spring time. This girl needs to get back to work and slow down on the snacks.


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