Hello, January

It’s remarkable the difference a week makes. Last week, being Christmas week, was so hectic. The house was full and loud and busy. It was fun, for sure, but exhausting. I love Christmas, but I love that breath of fresh air feeling that comes after Christmas. The decorations get put away, the gifts get put away (in my case, most of them moved to storage), laundry gets done, and things just settle down. It’s refreshing.

Last week, I heard it mentioned how a lot of people feel down when January starts. I suppose it’s the post-Christmas blues after all the excitement and activity. I don’t get down in January. I love it. It’s a fresh start. It feels good to take in the brand new feeling of a brand new year.

It’s true that you can set goals or make changes at any time of the year, but January lends itself to that sort of thing. Welcome, January. Let’s do this.

I feel gratitude for some developments in 2014.

I’ve got some hopes for 2015.

I hope before the calendar rolls over to 2016, I will have a house of my own. I’ve been hustling hard on saving a downpayment. The hustle continues after a short break to save up the entirety of my Christmas 2015 budget, because that’s how I start each new year.

I hope to step out of my comfort zone a few times in 2015. I get awfully cozy in my comfort zone, but I stepped out of it a few times in 2014 and was always glad I did.

I hope to mentally let go of some hindrances that should be long gone from my psyche by now.

I hope to get back to getting enough sleep at night and eating better, healthier food. (This is a pretty easy fix. Just make a choice and do it.)

I hope to read some good books.

I hope to be a good friend.

I hope to be generous in lots of areas, including my time.

I hope to spend more time giving Sayid fun exercise and experiences – more walks, dog park, etc.

I hope to see my south Louisiana college friends more than I did in 2014.

I hope to try lots of new recipes.

I hope to do well in my job. I’m still learning a lot in this new role I’ve been placed in, but I sure want to be successful.

I hope to purposefully practice gratitude.

There’s more, but that’s a good start. Time to start figuring out steps to make all of this happen. Cheers, friends. Happy 2015.