2014 Highlights

I had some fun times in 2014. First was New York in January with Valerie. We visited the 9/11 Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, and experienced the No Pants Subway Ride. (Not to worry, we were both fully clothed, but our eyes were assaulted.) We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and attended a taping of the David Letterman show. I checked two experiences off the bucket list – biking in Central Park and ice skating. My favorite was the ice skating. I could not stop smiling and only fell down three times. It was worth the soreness and bruises it caused. Goodness, I love New York. I’ve got the fever. That is one fun city and I’m feeling the need for another visit.








In February, we went to see my nephew, Jacob, play basketball. I had never really enjoyed watching basketball until this game of ten year old competitors. It was so fun and intense that we ended the month going to a Louisiana Tech Bulldogs basketball game on my birthday. The Bulldogs won. (Jacob’s team did not.)



In April, Mama and I went to Dallas to help with my sister’s co-op and learn how they run theirs. We had so much fun and loved it so much that we started our own co-op a few months later.


Also, Joe and I went to Jackson, Mississippi with Melissa and Stacy for the two of them to run the Warrior Dash. It was a long, hot day and got kind of boring for Joe and me, but after the race was over we went to eat at Babalu and went shopping (where my sister won $100 on her Victoria’s Secret card!). It ended up being a really fun day. Now if only I would get myself into shape and run the Warrior Dash. It seems so fun.


My sweet boy turned six. We celebrated with his little plastic pool and a new rubber ducky.


In July, I learned from a friend in Oklahoma of all places that there was a blueberry farm about five minutes from my house in West Monroe. Melissa, Stacy, and I went one Saturday morning and picked berries – a huge gallon bucket for $10. We went our separate ways to different blueberry bushes and it was the most relaxing morning – just me and my iTunes. The blueberries were delicious and I still have several bags in the freezer. I’m ready to do it again next summer.


Our co-op started! Melissa and I shopped first and this photo shows what came in a $10 stash for our first co-op shop! The first round of our co-op had eleven shares. Round two has seventeen. Round three will be starting shortly, so it’ll be interesting to see if the co-op grows again. I’m loving it.


The Tech ABS had a reunion at the end of July. Only a few of my friends showed up from my years at Tech, but it was good to see them. I was the only one without a new baby, but it’s okay – they still accept me.


Then came the annual beach trip! Amber came from Oklahoma to go with us. Joe and Stacy came, too, as well as Melissa, Mama, Mrs. Barnes, and me. It was a great week. The weather was perfect. Amber was coming straight off a positive health report. Everyone felt good. It was relaxing. The only thing that could have made the trip more perfect is if our condo’s pool hadn’t been as warm as a bathtub.






Melissa and I took Mama to Jackson for her birthday and treated her to Babalu. We ate the most amazing burgers and Mama got her very own birthday sparkler.


Melissa graduated with her Master’s degree! She worked hard the last several years and graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA. My sister, Ashley, and her family came in from Texas for the day and one of Melissa’s oldest friends, Lynnette, came over from Shreveport. I spent the entire day with a laughter induced headache until about an hour after Lynnette (the source of the laughs) went home. It was a fun day.


Daddy, Melissa, Stacy, Joe, and I went to the final Louisiana Tech home football game of the season and watched Tech win by a score of 76-31 and wrap up the Conference USA West Division Championship. It was unreal watching the score run up that high.


In December, my parents treated Melissa and me to a play at the Dixie Theater in Ruston. Our childhood friend, Johnathan, and two of his children were in a play – The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. That was one of my favorite Christmas movies growing up, but I hadn’t seen it in probably twenty years. Johnathan was great in the play, we all got some good laughs watching it, and then I ended up ordering myself a copy of the DVD as soon as I got home that night. We’ve watched the DVD twice since it came in.


Then came Christmas. My sweet Sayid had a big time. Also, it’s one of just two or three times a year all of the sisters are together. (Yes, we all look a little goofy in this photo, but that’s pretty standard for us.) It was a good day.



2014 was a good year. Bring on 2015. Let’s do this.


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