Little Miss Muffin


Have I mentioned how much I love our co-op? Well, I do. I absolutely love it. I love getting my bag of fruit and vegetable surprises every other Friday. I love picking a “bonus” when there are items in excess. I love shopping for the co-op. (It’s my turn this Friday! Yay!)

I love that I’ve learned that I like things I’d never tried – snow peas & bok choy; they are delicious sauteed in a stir fry.

I love that I’ve gone from not really caring for apples to being a full blown apple snob when it comes to honeycrisp apples. Yes, I’ll have one. I’ll have five, actually. I see what all the hype is about. They are the most perfect apple.

But here comes the greatest surprise of all. I enjoy baking muffins. I’ve never enjoyed baking. I’ve never been good at baking. I can cook something on a stovetop like a boss, but baking has never been something that appeals to me, simply because I’ve never been successful at it. It just hasn’t ever been fun to me. As of one week ago, baking never crossed my mind as something I’d like to do.

But then we had all these bananas from co-op that started getting too ripe for my taste. When little brown freckles start appearing on my banana peels, it is time to give them away to my friend, May Fances, or throw them away. But I also knew that you can bake with overripe bananas. I had reached the point of two options: trash can or baking. What’s the worst that could happen if I baked – it turns out mediocre? That was pretty standard for me and at least I would be making an attempt. So, baking it was.

I looked up banana nut muffins on Pinterest and found a beautiful photo on a pin. I felt sure it would be too complicated and my muffins would never be successful or look anything like those pretty muffins, but to my surprise I had all the ingredients required. Also, I took the time to read the details and instructions, and I learned that I’d been measuring wrong all along. (That might be a big part of why my baked goods were always such a disappointment!) I also learned that if you bake muffins at a higher temp for about five minutes and then reduce the heat, they stand up tall & proud. I had no idea.

So I whipped up these muffins. I even put the pretty thin banana slices on top and mixed up the cinnamon, brown sugar, and chopped pecans to sprinkle over them.

My muffins were beautiful. My muffins were delicious. I was amazed and patted myself on the back excessively. Who knew I had it in me to make such great muffins?! I sure didn’t! (Link for recipe is below the photo; this is the pin from Pinterest.)


Tonight I moved on to blueberry muffins. They look beautiful and taste lovely, too. I’ve turned into Little Miss Muffin. (Yes, I know, it’s Little Miss Muffet, but there are reasons Little Miss Muffin is funny to me.)

So now I’m thinking cheesecake! (Dream big!) That might be a little too ambitious. Should I slow down?


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