I don’t want candy. I want sleep.

My parents live in a neighborhood that gets bombarded with trick-or-treaters every year. I’m not anti-Halloween. I’m really not. I loved trick-or-treating. I admittedly participated in trick-or-treating longer than I should have in life. It’s a fun holiday. However, my parents donated candy to the big fall festival at church last night and nobody felt like spending more money on candy for tonight. You could really spend a small fortune for the number of trick-or-treaters that come down their street and it looks like their candy allotment was well spent on the event at the church.

If I’d had things my way tonight, I would have stayed in and watched a couple of shows on Netflix or worked on some sock monsters. Pajamas would have come early. Bed would be less than an hour away at this point. But like I said, Westlakes is one of the hottest tickets in town on Halloween night. There was a lot of doorbell ringing in our future had we stayed at home and only enough candy for about twenty kids, so we hightailed it out of there and came to Melissa’s house.

Pros: S’mores, lots of sweet puppy kisses from Sayid, and avoiding the crowd in Westlakes.

Cons: Freezing, being sleepy, smelling like a barbecue pit, and finding marshmallow goo in my hair post-s’more.

It’s been a long week. I took a short nap yesterday afternoon before the Saints game and was so tired that I woke up to my alarm five minutes before the game feeling disoriented and it took a few seconds to figure out where I was. It has been that kind of week – all week long. I need a hot shower & a warm bed, stat. Let’s wrap this up, little ghosts and goblins. This grown-up needs to go back to her Mama’s and Daddy’s house so she can go to bed. I feel like the cranky old fart ready to holler at some kids to get off my (parents’) lawn. Bless. Shower & sleep, please come quickly.


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