Baskin Robbins and LSU-S

Last week, some coworkers and I stopped by Baskin Robbins for some ice cream after an out-of-town training we had to attend. This evening, my mom and I were in Shreveport and Mama mentioned LSUS. Those two places – Baskin Robbins and LSU-Shreveport – always bring back a childhood memory for me. It’s one of my earliest and most favorite memories of my sister, Ashley.

Ashley is ten years older than I am. There are only two years separating Melissa and me, so she and I were trusty sidekicks and partners in crime as kids. We were almost always together and spent the expected amount of time pestering our older sister. We came along after Ashley had been raised as an only child for years, so you couldn’t blame her if she ever wanted a break from us.

One day during the summer after fourth grade, I remember being so bored. Melissa was babysitting Brooke and Brandon across the street, and for some reason, I wasn’t allowed to go over there that morning. Playing with Jennifer and Johnathan must not have been an option. I was just bored. It was a sunny summer day and I had nobody to play with. I remember I was sprawled out across Daddy’s recliner feeling sorry for myself. I was ten. Ashley was twenty and could have easily and understandably not paid any attention to me, but she did. She passed through the living room where I was having my pity party and told me she had to go out to LSUS for something and asked if I wanted to go with her.

I absolutely wanted to go with her. It was something to do and I thought it was pretty cool that I was going to go out to the college with my big sister. We got in her red 2-door Ford Escort and listened to 80s hair bands like Guns n’ Roses and Def Leppard on our drive. She showed me around the LSUS campus a bit. Then on the way home, we stopped at Baskin Robbins and she bought me a scoop of peanut butter chocolate ice cream. I remember digging into my scoop of ice cream with my little pink spoon and feeling pretty special that my big sister had spent the day with me.

Ashley probably doesn’t even remember that day, but I remember it in more detail than most days when I was ten. I guess you never know what experiences might take root in a kid and stick around. My college student sister took notice of bored little ten year old me and rescued me from a lonely day. I can’t see a Baskin Robbins or hear someone say “LSUS” without remembering how lucky I felt that day.


5 thoughts on “Baskin Robbins and LSU-S

  1. I remember some about that day. I remember you sitting proudly in the front seat as I drove you around town. 🙂 I’m glad I was able to do something small that ended up being a big thing to you – something that’s still special to you nearly 25 years later.

    • Was I that easy to read?! Because, yes, I was proud to be riding around with you! 🙂 Yeah, isn’t it funny the things you remember? Thanks for taking me with you that day!

  2. Thanks for jiggling my memory Lindsay. My mom’s sister is just 14 yrs older than me . When I was a around 10-15 , my aunt worked all week and would go from Shreveport to Logansport once a month to see her mom and us kids grandparents . she would ask if her 10 and 8 yr old nieces could go with her for the weekend, This included a trip out of Town and visiting her old school friends, church and always a trip on Sat afternoon to the Drive In for a Cherry Coke. She made our day once a month. On these trips, beginning age 13 she would let me drive her automatic 1967 new 2 door Malibu– til we got to S’port city limits, I was some body special.

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