The Good Stuff

Several things have crossed my mind lately that I’m grateful for. They’re nothing major; they’re mostly just simple pleasures, but I find that if I take the time to write them down, I can refer back when I’m in a funk and it’ll serve as a good reminder of all the good I’ve got, because I really do have a big helping of the good stuff.

Yesterday I came home to find that a dear friend of mine had mailed me a surprise – a simple gift that made her think of me (and I love it) and a thoughtful card (thoughtful to the extent it made my eyes water). That’ll brighten a day. Thanks, friend. You know who you are.

On the days Sayid is with me, he sleeps on his chair in my bedroom at night. When I wake up in the morning and hear him snoring – really, that boy can saw some logs – it makes me smile. And if it’s really loud, it makes me laugh. That’s a good way to start a morning. One morning a couple of weeks ago, the first sound I heard upon waking up was Sayid passing gas. That one really made me laugh and shake my head. Kind of gross, I know, but if you know this dog, you understand. My sweet boy has brought so much joy in the past six years and God worked it out for us to get him at the perfect time. That silly, rotten pup was the perfect cure for mending a heart. Goodness, I love him.

I love blankets. I don’t think you can ever have too many blankets. When I moved back to my parents’ house, I reluctantly packed most of my blankets to put in storage, but I kept two with me – my Louisiana Tech sweatshirt blanket (old faithful!) and my quilt. I put a lot of time into making that quilt top a couple of years ago and then my sweet Mama surprised me by finishing the edges of it last Christmas. That project was stalled out, unfinished for so long. I have looked forward to having an entire fall/winter season where I could just curl up under my quilt. During our recent Netflix marathon of The Blacklist, I got to do just that. There’s just something extra special about that particular blanket, so I was well aware of the moment – watching a great show, comfy on the couch, under my quilt. My quilt.

My dad’s commentary on commercials makes me laugh. He almost always has his living room television tuned into Fox News, so he sees a lot of the same advertisements repeated. When a commercial really irritates him for some reason, he likes to call our attention to it when it comes on. “Watch this guy!”, he’ll say. He’ll quote the dialogue in a mocking tone before the actors ever get around to saying their lines. He’ll roll his eyes and sigh and say things like, “I can’t stand this guy!” or “Watch how goofy this man is!” or my personal favorite, “What a dork!” Daddy’s irritation equals our entertainment. It is so funny to me. Every time another commercial comes along that gets under his skin, we know we are about to get a good laugh. His mother – my Memaw – was the same way, so I guess he gets it honest! Although, I don’t think Daddy has actually called Sonic, PC Matic, or the Medicare folks to voice his opinion. Memaw took it a step further than Daddy.

Sunrises. I guess I notice them more at my parents’ house because their dining room window faces the east and there’s a section at the top of the window that is always uncovered. There are no curtains up there at the top. So every morning when I walk through the kitchen, I notice the sunrise. A lot of mornings, I have walked to the window and peeked out to get a better view and admire it a little longer. It’s beautiful. I’m thankful to be taking notice because for years, I’ve missed it most mornings. It makes me look forward to the time change, because then the sun will rise earlier and then I will be more motivated to get up and take up running. At this point, I’d be running in the dark. But soon, I’ll have the opportunity to spend some quality time with a sunrise every morning, and that might be too good an opportunity to pass up. Not too long ago, I was outside when the sun was setting and it struck me that all over the world, everyone is blessed with a view like that. There are some beautiful skies to be seen in Louisiana, but my Compassion kids in Uganda and India and elsewhere get to see the creativity of God every morning and every night as well. I like that. What a gift.

Life sure is full of good stuff, isn’t it?


One thought on “The Good Stuff

  1. I chuckled audibly when I read about Daddy and his commercial commentaries. I can just hear him! Hahaha! I loved when Melissa told me about the shirt he has that one of the Sonic guys also wears. He said he’s never going to wear that shirt again. Hilarious!

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