Boxes & Packing Tape & Pulled Muscles, Oh My!


Packing a lot of my stuff and beginning the process of disassembling my bedroom has brought about some new discoveries and motivations.

I have more kitchen stuff than I realized, and since I love to cook, that will be a good problem to have once I find a house to buy. I really had no idea I had so much. I’ve put a few favorite kitchen items on my Christmas wish list, since they unfortunately belong to my sister. If I had the budget for it, I would be a Pampered Chef snob. My favorite roasting pan is a must have, so that’s high on my priority list of things to get.

I have a violin. I completely forgot I owned a violin. I can’t play it at all, which is probably why I forgot I owned one. I also forgot about my dulcimer. I pulled it out and it seems to still be in tune after having sat in a bag for years. Kudos to Mr. Rick for building such a great instrument. I’m feeling a little inspired to get back to playing some music. All of my poor instruments have been neglected for several years. I picked up my favorite guitar last night and my fingertips were in pain & begging for mercy in approximately sixty seconds. I hope to remedy that before too long.

I found a box of photos in the back of my closet that I didn’t know I had copies of. I thought I had lost them when my hard drive crashed a few years ago, so this was a happy discovery. I also found some cards and letters that I’d long since forgotten about but that I am thankful to have found.

I had two sections on one shelf of my bookcase in my bedroom – one of books I hadn’t read and one section of my favorite books that I love so much I will always keep. Those sections were separated by my awesome “A” and “Z” bookends from Janie. (“Thank you for my AZ!”) I have to say, I was a little sad to pack away my AZ. Most of my books went in a box to go in storage, but I pulled three or four out of my unread stack & took them to my parents’ house. Maybe just having a few books to choose from will keep me from feeling overwhelmed with choices and I’ll get them read.

I have two seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD and haven’t watched that show in forever, so I took those two seasons to my parents’ house. I took the last four seasons of Friends, because I know how I sometimes need my Friends fix. I took two other DVDs over there, too – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close because I found that movie fascinating and think my parents might enjoy watching it and Home Alone because Christmas is just around the corner and I know I’ll want to watch it in December. Oh wow, I guess I better try to find Elf, too! Otherwise, to storage it all goes.

I have two full boxes of board games, not to mention a smaller box of cards, Mancala, and Mexican Train Dominoes. I packed it all away except one game that I took to my parents’ house. I just can’t have Telestrations in a storage unit across town.

I love blankets. It was hard to decide which (and how many) blankets to take with me and which ones to pack. I decided to pack all but two. My old faithful Louisiana Tech sweatshirt blanket will come with me and so will my quilt. Everything else – storage. Even the new super soft one Janie gave me for Christmas! That one was hard to temporarily part with. It really is new to me since we just finally exchanged Christmas gifts two weekends ago.

I don’t think I’ve quite reached the halfway mark in my packing yet, but I’ve hustled this weekend. Soon I’ll be relocated and saving with a vengeance! I’m feeling pretty accomplished.

Unfortunately, I managed to re-aggravate a pulled muscle in the midst of all this packing and moving heavy boxes around, so I’m settling in with an ice pack, ibuprofen, and a Parenthood marathon on Netflix. My pulled muscle and I need a break. We’ve worked hard.


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