$1 Day Brightener

Is it just me or is it thrilling to get a letter or a card in the mail?  Receiving a good, long email from a friend is thrilling, too.  *cough*Janie*cough*Jody*cough*  But there’s just something extra special about opening your mailbox and finding a handwritten note.  It was a thrill when I was a child and it’s a thrill now.  In the days of text messaging and email and countless other forms of social media, it hardly ever happens anymore, but when it does – instant day brightener.

I sent a card to a friend a couple of weeks ago.  In it, I mentioned that Sayid was turning six and thanked her for all the wisdom she passed along to me when he was a puppy and was just being trained.  He is smart and well trained in large part to the things she taught me.  I had completely forgotten I had sent her a card.  Yesterday I received a card in the mail from her, wishing Sayid a happy birthday.  Instant day brightener!

I love to send cards to friends for no reason other than I just feel like it sometimes.  When I go in Target, I’m drawn to their card section.  Not really their individual card section, but the boxed cards.  I love finding a cute box of cards.  If they have a box of cards with a charming little bicycle on them, I might as well just hand over my wallet.  Cards are charming; bicycles are charming.  Sold!  Boxed cards really are a bargain, because $4.99 isn’t so bad if you get 10 cards and envelopes.  For $1 you cover the cost of the cute card and the stamp and you get to brighten a friend’s day.  I’d say that’s a dollar well spent.

Today in Target, I bought a box of bicycle cards that are blank on the inside.  Perfect!  The photo is of a sky blue bike leaned up against a yellow building with big windows and there are books strapped down to the rear rack.  Books!  Books are charming, too.  Good grief, I may have to frame one of these cards and just have it in my house.  They are that cute.  I want to be friends with the owner of this bike.  I want to ride bikes together to the library.

Before I found these adorable bicycle cards, I found a box of cards called Polaroid Notes.  I looked through all of the photos on the cards – 20 random pictures – and thought some were great but some were a little weird.  Then I saw the price tag on the back – $14.95.  That’s a little steep for a frugal gal such as myself.  They only had one box, but I put them down in favor of the aforementioned bicycle cards.  After I left Target, the more I thought about that box of cards, the more I wanted them.  I thought about a particular friend who I like to send cards to and an inside joke we’ve had for the past fifteen years.  Then I wanted these cards even more – even the weird ones.  Especially the weird ones.  So I paid a little visit to amazon.com.  Got ‘em.  Got ‘em for a little less than I would have spent at Target.  They’re on the way.  Weird cards coming soon to a mailbox near you, friend.


Charming bicycle cards coming to other mailboxes whose owners I know in the coming weeks.

So hey, maybe you should go brighten someone’s day, friends.  It’s easy.


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