The Vortex

One thing I love about my parents is how welcoming they are.  They’re the most hospitable people I know.  They are welcoming people and their home is welcoming.  I guess it’s easy for me to say their home is welcoming, because I’ve lived in their home.  But I think it’s just simply a welcoming place.  Their mean cat, Rascal, isn’t so welcoming, but everything else about that house just draws you in.  If you can overlook the growling, hissing cat, you just want to sit down and stay a while.

When I was growing up, we hosted two foreign exchange students whom we still keep in touch with.  Also some friends lived with us for short periods of time – Janis when she was taking a night class in Monroe, but lived in Shreveport, and Amanda when her mom moved to Arkansas, but she wanted to finish out the school year before joining them in a new state.  Another friend of mine briefly lived with my parents when she moved to West Monroe after finding a job here.  They are just welcoming folks.

They have been the hosts of many Super Bowl parties and family nights, several Disciple Now weekends for the church youth groups and birthday parties.  My friend, Johnathan, once said years ago that my parents’ house is a vortex.  You get sucked in there and you can’t leave.  It probably has something to do with how chatty we Leporatis can be, but like I said – I just think it’s a welcoming place.

The evening after Christmas, my sister, Ashley, and her family were still in town.  Melissa and I had both headed over to Mama’s & Daddy’s at some point during the day.  Melissa’s friend, Stacy, had come over.  Several of us were cooking – either deer pie outside in a dutch oven or shrimp soup, guacamole, and fresh salsa in the kitchen (we were going for a Mexican redneck theme) – and we had sent a text to our friend, Joe, to see if he wanted to drop by and eat supper at Mama’s & Daddy’s house.  Once Joe got off work, he called Melissa and told her he would come by, but he could only stay for thirty minutes, because he was currently working a lot of mandatory overtime and needed to get enough sleep.  Mama’s response was, “We’ll see about that!”  She owns that vortex!  Joe ended up staying a little over an hour and we were all happy he did.  He said he knew he would stay longer, but he felt like if he gave himself a time frame of thirty minutes, he hopefully wouldn’t stay too late.

Our area is under a winter weather warning for tonight.  I rolled our trashcan to the end of the driveway a couple of hours ago and had to pry the lid open due to a thin layer of ice.  I noticed my side view mirror on my car had ice on it as well.  The roads are predicted to be bad by the time tomorrow morning rolls around, so both my employer & Melissa’s employer have closed our offices for tomorrow.  Mama called to invite us over to eat supper at their house, but we had already eaten.  When she found out my sister and I are both off tomorrow and I told her I’m thinking the roads might be bad until late Wednesday morning (meaning we may end up with two days off work), she suggested we pack up our stuff and Sayid and come to her house “so we can have a party.”  We would rather stay here and sleep in our own beds, so we declined Mama’s invitation.  We suggested they pack up their stuff and come party at our house!  Mama then told me she had to grade papers anyway.  That doesn’t sound like a party I want to attend!  But what a kind offer.

That Bo & Ginger.  They’re good, hospitable people.  I’m glad I get to claim them.


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