NYC Trip – Day Five

Valerie and I woke up extra early Wednesday morning and went to the lobby to meet Sheri & Keesha.  All of us except for Valerie had one reason or another for making us a little late, but eventually we were ready to go.  We walked a few blocks to the correct subway & exited at 66th Street.  We weren’t sure which direction to head, so we went to our right.  We soon discovered the addresses were heading in the wrong direction, so we turned around and backtracked.  You see, when we first went to a Dr. Oz taping two years ago (which we just happened to be in the right place at the right time & were given standby tickets), he was at NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center, which is very close to our hotel.  He has since has moved to ABC Studios.  ABC Studios is a long walk from the closest subway.  As we were walking, I remembered when Jody and I took that same walk on my first trip to New York when we went to a taping of The View.  (Don’t judge me.  This is when the cast included Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  Even then it was a bit of a hen party, but you throw Rosie O’Donnell or Whoopee Goldberg into the mix and it just reaches a point of ridiculousness.)  We passed The Julliard School, which made me wish I could go inside and listen to some talented musicians.  Once we got to ABC Studios, they had just given away the last standby ticket, which meant none of us were getting in – not even Sheri & Keesha who had been on the ticket list that morning.  We weren’t too upset over it.  We just decided to come back for the afternoon taping.  The folks at ABC Studios kindly put Sheri & Keesha on the list for that afternoon and told them they would have guaranteed tickets if they showed up by 1:20 PM.  Valerie & I were already on the list.  Sheri & Keesha headed one direction and Valerie and I took the long walk back to the subway and then back to the hotel.  Valerie was in pain from wearing heels for this long walk – truly, we probably had walked at least two or three miles before we got back to the hotel – because she was trying to abide by the “no tennis shoes” rule that Dr. Oz had.  We decided that she would just wear tennis shoes next time & carry her heels in a bag.  If necessary, she could put them on before the taping.  There was no need to torture herself any longer.

After Valerie rested her feet a few minutes & changed shoes, the two of us headed to Brooklyn to walk the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan.  The weather was beautiful.  The skies were blue and there was a fog over the East River.  There was no wind.  The upside to that is that we didn’t freeze.  The downside is that the American flag on top of the Brooklyn Bridge was not waving, and there’s just something about an American flag waving that makes you feel good inside.  It also makes for some lovely photos.  Anyway, we walked the bridge.  I am happy to say that the construction they were doing three years ago when I last walked the Brooklyn Bridge has been completed, so the views were unobstructed on the entire mile long walk.




Once our walk was complete, we went back to the hotel to rest, charge phones, and eat lunch.  Valerie is a picky eater (my ONE hang up about traveling with her since I love food so much!) so I went back to a place called Cafe Oliviero near our hotel to get some lunch to go.  It’s such a great place.  They have several different “Create Your Own ________” stations.  I created my own pasta earlier in the week with penne pasta, garlic & oil sauce, chicken, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and bell peppers.  Oh, and shredded cheese on top.  SO good.  I got two meals out of it, too, thanks to Sheri & Keesha giving us access to their fridge & microwave.  So on this day, I created my own teriyaki stir fry.  I got white rice, beef, broccoli, carrots, onions, & bell peppers.  And sesame seeds.  🙂  It was yummy, too, and I got three meals out of this one!

Valerie and I took the long trek back to ABC Studios for the afternoon taping of Dr. Oz.  This time we both wore comfortable shoes!  I had seen about an hour earlier that Sheri & Keesha were eating lunch in Brooklyn, so I didn’t know if they would make it on time for Dr. Oz.  We texted back and forth a bit and they told me they were trying to get there.  Valerie & I checked in, went through security, and got in line.  A few minutes later, we saw Sheri & Keesha in line about fifteen feet behind us.  Yay!  So then we just moved back with them.  Sheri & Keesha had “VIP” written on the backs of their tickets.  Fancy!  Here’s a photo of all our tickets.

The waiting arrangement was much more comfortable at the Dr. Oz show than it was at the Late Show with David Letterman, but Letterman is an icon.  It’s the Late Show for Pete’s sake, so I think it was totally worth it.  After waiting in a holding room for a while, they called for those with VIP on the backs of their tickets.  They entered the studio first.  Valerie and I had a different letter on the backs of our tickets.  I was disappointed we weren’t going to be able to sit with Sheri & Keesha, but was pretty excited that they might be in a prime audience location and be on TV a lot!  I didn’t want to be on TV a lot, and neither did they, quite frankly, but it made me laugh to picture them having to fake smile constantly, since they could be in the camera shot at any moment.  I texted Sheri & asked if they were front & center.  She said they were.  I am sure I smiled really big or laughed at that point.  Valerie & I were finally ushered in and we had better seats as far as we were concerned, because we weren’t trying to get any camera time.  We just wanted some cool audience gifts!  

See, the first time we went to the Dr. Oz taping, we hit the jackpot!  He did a segment on sleep, which I found interesting because I love sleep.  Then he gave us four sleep related items!  He gave us a mattress pad with NASA technology that is supposed to keep you from getting too warm in your sleep, although I don’t buy it because I’ve been warm a few times.  It’s super soft and comfortable though.  I love it!  He also gave us white noise sound machines, really soft eye masks that shut out all light, and an amazing pillow.  I love my pillow.  I miss it when I sleep away from home and don’t have it.  When he announced that he was giving these things to the audience, I remember we were so excited, but wondering how in the world we were going to take all these items home on the plane!  We got purple envelopes with vouchers and ordered all of our prizes after we got home.  So anyway, that experience gave us high hopes that we might get another good loot!

We got nothing!  Nothing at all!  The segments were pretty lame and we walked out with no audience prizes.  So I am writing Dr. Oz off!  Ha!  I’m thankful for the goodies he gave me in 2012, but I’m not gonna make it a point to try to see his show again when I go to New York.  There are plenty of things I’d rather be doing than sitting in the Dr. Oz studio audience.

We went back to the hotel for a short rest from the day.  We had originally hoped to visit Top of the Rock at some point when the sun was about to go down, because that makes for some lovely photos.  We ended up missing out on that opportunity altogether, so after a brief break, we walked to Rockefeller Center.  On the way, we passed Radio City Music Hall and I took a few photos outside Fox News studios.  I’m a Fox fan.  If my TV is on in my living room, it is almost always tuned to Fox News.  My favorite show is The Five, so I wanted to make sure to include that show in my photos.



Once we got to Rockefeller Center and went to buy tickets for Top of the Rock we were told that visibility was zero that night.  They would sell us tickets if we wanted, but we wouldn’t be able to see anything and the tickets were nonrefundable.  We passed.  They told us they opened again at 8:00 AM.  We roamed around Times Square and did some last minute souvenir shopping and then went back to the hotel for the night.  I ate some of my stir fry leftovers and Valerie walked back to McDonalds for some chicken nuggets.    We wanted to be able to enjoy the city a bit more on Thursday morning instead of just spend the morning packing, so we did all we could on Wednesday night, while halfway watching the Duck Dynasty premiere.

We made plans to visit Top of the Rock Thursday morning and went to sleep for our last night in New York.


2 thoughts on “NYC Trip – Day Five

  1. Your food sounds wonderful! As for Valerie’s chicken Mcnuggets. . . Ugh! That stuff is crap! The boys won’t even eat those, thankfully! And after your first Dr. Oz windfall, you’d definitely think you’d get stuff again. What were the segments this time?

  2. You know, I can’t even remember what all the segments were. They were pretty lame. One was, “What kind of cough is this?” and two ladies were guessing. One was a weird hide & seek thing where two girls ran throughout the studio to find items that are healthy foods or something. I can’t even remember! I’m sure they’ve probably already aired.

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