NYC Trip – Day Four

We woke up to rain on Tuesday.  The forecast called for rain most of the day, which was unfortunate, but we did have indoor plans for the afternoon.  Oh, I forgot this part from Monday’s post.  So let’s back up!  

Monday when Valerie & I were walking back to the hotel after ice skating, I got a call from a guy named Paul from The Late Show with David Letterman.  He asked if Valerie & I would be interested in tickets for either Tuesday or Wednesday.  We had Dr. Oz tickets for Wednesday afternoon, so I told him we would love tickets for Tuesday.  They asked us a trivia question – What instrument does Paul Shaffer play? – which I answered correctly – keyboard – and we secured our tickets.  Yay!  More on that later.

So Tuesday.  Rain.  Letterman tickets for the afternoon.  Morning was up for grabs.  We had a couple of things left on our “Must Do” list and they were all outdoors.  We decided our best bet was the Central Park Zoo.  We took the subway and walked in the rain to the zoo.  But first, I stopped in Starbucks for an iced mocha and a bottle of water.  I don’t know what it is with New York City, but establishments up there don’t seem to appreciate ice as much as I do.  I don’t like coolish water.  The colder the better.  So I got into the habit of asking for a cup of ice every morning to go with my Ethos water.  I sure did appear thirsty!

Valerie loaned me an umbrella, thankfully, because my crud (aka: Louisiana Special that apparently also can develop/intensify in New York) had gotten worse and I wasn’t trying to get any sicker if I could help it.  Valerie, however, didn’t feel like carrying her other umbrella, so she just got rained on.

Due to the weather, I can only assume, the zoo crowd was very small.  We arrived about half an hour before the feeding of the sea lions, so we went into the penguin exhibit and visited with a cute, sweet little elderly lady who works (or volunteers?) for the zoo.  She was full of interesting information and I really enjoyed talking to her.  

We made our way back to the sea lions to watch them be fed and do their tricks.  They were so cute and playful.


The Central Park Zoo is relatively small, so we made our way around the whole thing in probably about thirty or forty-five minutes after we left the sea lion exhibit.  Valerie was taking a lot of photos and stayed in the final exhibit longer than I did, so I came back outside by the sea lions.  It was amazing to me that it was so quiet and there was literally nobody else in sight for a couple of minutes.  It was just me and the sea lions.  I took this photo as proof (to myself, really) that I had a few minutes of solitude while outdoors in the busiest city in the United States.  It was pretty surreal.

We left the zoo and started walking back to the subway.  On the way there, I saw a guy up ahead of us, trying to hand out copies of his CD to people.  I heard him tell the men about ten feet ahead of us who didn’t accept his CD offer, “Come on, man!  I’m not a bad guy!”  As Valerie and I passed him, he handed me a CD, so I took it and kept walking.  He said, “Where are you from?!”  I kept walking, because I wasn’t trying to get into a conversation.  And to be quite honest, I probably wouldn’t like his music anyway.  The album art appeared to be hip hop or rap, and I’ve spent approximately twelve unfortunate minutes of my life listening to hip hop and rap.  He started following after us and said, “Wait, I have to know for my research!”  I turned around and handed his CD back to him.  It really wasn’t that serious.  Like I said, I probably wouldn’t have liked his music and would have used it as a coaster at the hotel before throwing it away on our last day.  So then he said the same line to me – “Come on!  I’m not a bad guy!”  Seriously?!  Why does he think everyone thinks he’s a bad guy?  It’s like those people who say, “I’m a nice person!” over and over.  In my experience, if you have to try to convince someone, you probably aren’t.  But anyway, I told him, as I handed his CD back, “Nobody thinks you’re a bad person.  I’m just in a hurry.”  He said, “Okay, okay … well, get where you’re going, then.”  What a weirdo.  And what a victim mentality.  If someone doesn’t do exactly what you want, they must think you’re a bad person?  What?  I should have just asked him, “Is this country music?!  I like country!”  He probably would have just promptly reached over and retrieved his CD from my hand!

As we approached the subway station, I recognized my surroundings a little and realized we were really close to the Apple Store.  You know – the one on Fifth Avenue that looks like a big clear box?  It’s awesome.  We didn’t go in, but we did walk far enough up the street for Valerie to catch a quick glimpse of it.  After a short break at the hotel, we walked a few blocks to the Ed Sullivan Theater to claim our Late Show tickets.  Since it was still raining out, they advised that we may want to go to a bar around the corner called The Three Monkeys and wait there.  They would call us in groups when it was time to come for the taping.  Valerie and I stopped in a gift shop first and then went to The Three Monkeys for about forty-five minutes until they were ready for us at the Ed Sullivan Theater.  We went through security, stood in long, crowded lines for a while, listened to some jokes & rules given by The Late Show staff, and then made our way into the theater.  We sat on the fifth row in front of Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra.  David Letterman was somewhat funny.  Chris Christie was the butt of 85% of the jokes.  Before the filming started, he talked about Daytona Beach, Florida with a lady in the audience and told a story or two about his dog.

The guests were Michael Strahan, whom I love, and Jennifer Nettles, who I have always thought has an amazing voice.  With the NFL playoffs going on and the Superbowl coming up, the discussion with Michael Strahan was entirely about football.  I love football.  And like I said, I love Michael Strahan.  I think he is adorable.  He’s always so happy and I even love the big gap in his front teeth.  Not many people could pull that off with such style and charm, but he does!  (My friend, May Fances, disagrees!)  Valerie doesn’t care for football, so she was pretty bored with the conversation, but I was following everything they were talking about and I really enjoyed it.  Jennifer Nettles sounds just as amazing live as she does on the radio.  She has a phenomenal voice.  Valerie’s favorite part of the show was the CBS Orchestra.  I thought they were great, but my favorite was definitely the two guests.  I would attend another taping of The Late Show if given the opportunity, I do believe.  Oh, by the way, Sheri & Keesha went to the taping on Monday.  The main guest was Bill Cosby – love him! – and the musical guest was Sleigh Bells.  I’ve never heard of Sleigh Bells.  I’m glad my tickets were for Tuesday.  I only got them because Keesha was submitting ticket requests Thursday night for herself & Sheri for a bunch of shows, and then she called me Friday and got my info and submitted requests on my behalf, too!  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had them.  (Thanks Keesha!)


I don’t think Valerie & I did much that night after the Late Show taping.  We did go to Junior’s and picked up some cheesecake to go, and I think we roamed around Times Square a bit, but nothing too notable.  We stayed up pretty late that night, because we watched The Late Show air.  So, technically, we saw the same thing twice that day.


Mmmm, Junior’s.

Before we went to sleep that night, which was well after midnight, Keesha texted and said she & Sheri were going to their Dr. Oz taping the following morning and asked if we wanted to go with them and try to get standby tickets.  We actually had tickets secured for Wednesday afternoon, but we decided that the morning would be ideal, because then the rest of the day would be wide open.  We agreed to meet Sheri & Keesha in the hotel lobby at 7:00 AM to head to ABC Studios.  I remember falling asleep that night thinking about how I couldn’t believe I had stayed up so late & would be getting up in just a few short hours.

Did we get Dr. Oz tickets?  Stay tuned!



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