Fundraising has really taken a hit, y’all.

There’s a phenomenon that happens here in West Monroe.  I’m so curious as to whether or not it happens in other places.  If it only happens here, I may have to move away to escape it!

Often here in West Monroe you will find people – youth sports teams, charities, firemen, etc. – standing in busy intersections with buckets, begging for money.  Innocent, unsuspecting drivers get stranded at a light only to be encountered with these obnoxious, uncomfortable “fundraisers”.  I try to avoid eye contact, roll up my windows, and turn up my music.  It irritates the life out of me.  The firemen don’t seem to bother me as much, waving around their boots for money, for some reason.  I’m not sure what their cause is.  I guess I’m just partial to firefighters.  But completely healthy, athletic, able bodied teenagers who play sports competitively?  No ma’am.  Wash a car.  Mow a yard.  Babysit.  Don’t stand out on a street corner begging for money.

I know people always say “don’t ever say what you won’t do!”, but I can say with certainty that if I ever have children (probably not going to happen!) and my son or daughter is on a basketball team or in a youth group that plans to raise funds by standing in busy intersections begging for cash, I will be the difficult parent who says, “Nope.  Do some extra chores and you can earn some money for your cause.”  No indeed.  My kid will not be reporting for duty at the intersection of Well Rd. & Cypress Street.

Don’t get me wrong; I love giving.  I love giving cheerfully.  When someone shoves their bucket through my car window, I’d rather just spit my gum in it.  This would not be a cheerful giving situation for me.  Make yourself useful, folks!  Put some soap & water in that bucket & earn the funds you want.  There are lots of dirty cars out there –  mine included.  Hard work & effort is a lot more admirable than dodging cars at rush hour.  And it’s less life threatening.

Does this happen in other places?  Do you find it as annoying as I do?


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