6 days and counting …

After nearly nine years as a child support caseworker, I am about to get a (roughly) one year break to work on a different project.  I can hear the hallelujah chorus!  No more court!  No more clients!  No more being cussed out by clients!  No more drowning in a sea of paperwork and files that used to be the work of two caseworkers and is now the work of one, thanks to hiring freezes and budget cuts!  Well, I say “no more”.  I’ll get back to all of it in about a year, at which point the suspended job search will commence.  But I am pretty excited about being on this team to work on the special project.  It’s still within child support, but something entirely different than I’ve done before, so I’m looking forward to the new experience and the new job skills I’ll develop.  I think it’s going to be great.  I’ve got six more work days to put out fires in my caseload and clear out my personal belongings.  I’m excited about this.  I’m excited for something different.  I’ve been in need of something different.  I’ve had two job interviews in the past few weeks and was hopeful that something would come of one of them, because I thought I’d really enjoy both possibilities.  I’ve prayed that God would place me where He wants me right now, so when I didn’t get the first job, I was okay with it.  I would have liked it, but I left that interview with no regrets.  There were none of those, “I should have said ______ ” thoughts going through my mind at all.  I knew I had done my best and had complete peace and confidence about it.  So I was truly not upset about not getting it.  I have prayed that God would place me where He wants me, and here I am – on the Transformation Team effective November 18th.  I feel thankful & blessed.  And when it crosses my mind that I’m getting an honest to goodness break from court, clients, and being cussed out, I feel even more thankful & blessed.  Bring on the new job!


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