FINALLY – our bricks!

Last weekend was a blast.  One of my closest friends from college, Jody, came to visit for the weekend.  The only problem about when Jody & I get together is that we suddenly think we’re still in our early twenties and forget we have full time jobs during the week.  So we stay up talking until the wee hours of the morning.  I don’t know about Jody, but I’ve spent all week trying to recover from last weekend’s sleep deprivation.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday.  I need it.

I took off work a few hours early last Friday so I could spend every possible minute with Jody.  She lives in south Louisiana and works all the way down in New Orleans, so I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like.  She got to my house about five minutes after I did and we quickly delivered Sayid to my parents’ house and headed to Ruston.  We picked up our friend, Brooke, when she got off work and then we all went to Tech’s campus to find our bricks.

Louisiana Tech has a tradition of placing bricks on campus with the names of graduates.  I graduated in 2004.  Brooke, overachiever that she is, graduated in 2003 at the ripe old age of 20.  Jody graduated in 2006.  Finally, after only being up to around year 1997 or 1998, they added all the alumni bricks through 2010 within the last few months.  We found Jody’s brick first.  She has some prime real estate!  She is front & center and proud of it!  I told Jody to get by her brick so I could take her photo.  Brooke then suggested that she lie down next to it.  So, of course, we were just laughing at the whole idea of it.  Jody was adjusting her outfit and preparing to lay by her brick as soon as a small crowd passed.  By the time she was on the ground, I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to take the picture.  Jody kept saying, “Take the picture!  Lep, take the picture!  Hurry!  Take it!  Take the stinking picture!”  FINALLY, I got a couple of shots.  This one is my favorite.


Her actual name – Jody Marie Blankenship – is partially cut off.  But it’s tough to contend with the glare of the sun on your phone, the laughter, and the demanding friend who won’t quit fussing at you.  Trust me!

Then we found my brick.  I’m not a huge fan of my location, because I’m really close to the edge and dirt could very easily cover my brick entirely.  I guess I’ll have to visit it often with a little brush & some cleaning supplies!  I’ve gotta keep my brick looking nice!  I didn’t give Tech 2 2/3 senior years to get a crappy piece of real estate!  should have been front & center, dang it!


Then we moseyed on over to Brooke’s brick.  Poor Brooke.  First of all, she has always said she is “nursing home ready” because her first name is Audra.  Also, when she graduated from Tech with her bachelor’s degree, her last name was Bennett.  She married Jon and then came back for her teaching certification making Ownby the most recent last name for her in Tech’s system, so she ended up being AudraBrooke (yes, all together) Bennett Ownby on her brick.  Apparently they plan on prying Brooke’s brick out & replacing it once they make a replacement brick.  She told Jody & me that she is willing to accept her brick as-is if Tech will agree to fund the college education of one of her children in full.  I think that sounds fair!  Here’s AudraBrooke and someone with bright orange shoes trying to steal her thunder.


I also have to throw this photo in of my brick, because I just love it.  Beautiful!


After our field trip to find our bricks, we spent some time at another college friend, Jennifer’s, house.  Then we went to the restaurant formerly known as Monjuni’s – Jody’s pick – for supper and met up with two other friends, Johnathan & Anna.

Jody, Jennifer, and I ran by the ABS, where most of us became friends in college, because we saw they were having an event.  We wanted to visit Mrs. Karan and Brother Danny, but first Jody and I wanted to pretend to be freshmen.  Mrs. Karan ruined that plan when she saw us walking by the building and screamed through the window, “JODY & LINDSAY!  JODY & LINDSAY!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”  We went in and visited for a while.  Then we picked up our friend, Joe, and went to Johnathan & Anna’s house to hang out.  We visited until after midnight.  It was so much fun.  It was like old times, except several of my friends have spouses, children, and nice houses now.  It was the most fun Friday evening I’ve had in a long time.

This Friday evening will be spent differently.  Like I said – still recovering from pretending I was still in college last weekend.  I’m guessing I’ll be in bed by 9:30 tonight.  I’ve gotta get back into responsible adult mode with a normal sleep/wake cycle ASAP.  But man, it was fun catching up with old friends and pretending to be a college student while it lasted.


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