Water Boy


July 12th made exactly five years since we brought Sayid home.  My nephews were in town visiting from Texas that day and Mama had taken them to her friend’s house to swim.  Melissa and I were going to eat supper at our parents’ house that night and Mrs. Barnes’ house is on the way to Mama’s & Daddy’s, so we dropped by on our way over to visit with Mrs. Barnes, Mama, and the boys.  Mrs. Barnes kindly agreed to let Sayid swim in her pool.  Sayid had been in plenty of ponds and lakes, but never a swimming pool.

We took his leash and collars off and gave him permission to swim.  He was nervous and couldn’t figure out how to get in.  He ran laps around and around the pool, whining as he watched Caleb and Jacob swim in the water without him.  I went to the car, got his soccer ball, and threw it in.  Even that couldn’t convince him to actually jump in.  Finally Melissa rolled up her jeans, stood on the steps in the shallow end, and dragged Sayid into the pool.  I could hear his toenails scratching against the concrete as he tried to resist.  But once he got in, he was as happy as could be.  He swam around a while and then started looking like he wanted out but couldn’t figure out how.  So Melissa ended up getting her jeans completely wet in order to steer him to the steps.  He rested a few minutes and then was happy to swim again.  I think Sayid would agree that swimming in a pool was a great five year celebration.


A couple of days later, we went to the lake where my parents had rented a cabin for the night.  Sayid loves wearing his life jacket & riding in Grandpappy’s boat.  He also loves the fact that at the lake he can run straight in the water from the shore instead of having to jump in.  My boy got plenty of time in the water that weekend.



If only he could come to the beach with us in a few weeks!  One day I’m going to find a dog friendly place on one of the Florida beaches.


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