Reason # 165 I am glad to be Facebook free.

I’ve been Facebook free now for about four months and have no regrets.  Truth be told, most things I overhear people saying about Facebook only serve to remind me how happy I am to be away from that time suck.  There are many reasons.  But lately the reason that has come to mind over and over again is that I’ve had so much time to read books.  I used to read a lot, but then took to reading mindless Facebook status updates more often than an actual book.  Not anymore!  I’m loving it.  At least one or two nights a week, I’ll just curl up in my bed and read a book.  Often times, I will glance at my clock and realize I have to find a stopping place and get to sleep so I’ll be productive at work the next day.  It’s so much more fulfilling to me to get lost in a good book rather than short, pointless status updates.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve met some wonderful people on Facebook.  I’ve had significant relationships with folks I’ve met on there.  But man, it’s nice to be away.  It’s refreshing to be away.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if any of my friends are considering taking a break from Facebook, do it.  I predict you’ll be glad you did, whether it’s just for a little while or turns into a permanent, clean break from it.  It’s truly refreshing.


2 thoughts on “Reason # 165 I am glad to be Facebook free.

  1. You nailed it Lindsay. I’m was never an everyday FB follower .But you can get too wrapped tight with toooooo many different families at once . I have realized that every family has its up and down issues . After I read that you were distancing yourself from FB , I knew for a while that I was spending too much time on Tiny Zoo and Tiny Village plus Words with Friends, I cut back 80% time spent on everything but WWF. I play almost daily with your sister Ashley and about 7 others that I’ve been playing with past 2 plus years. I enjoy playing with them and it amazes me at how many words I really know. But the 80% found time is now spent reading again, which I’ve always loved to do. So I know what you mean!

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  2. I did try leaving it. In the end, I deleted my account and set up a new one with a handful of close friends and family. Plus no apps. I blocked the apps entirely. I dumped over 300 friends I had. I spend very little time on there…that is until I broke my foot last month. Now that it has pretty much healed I will be way too busy with life to spend a whole lot of time on fb. I read a lot and also I love enjoying the outdoors. I just have a lot of people who matter a lot to me where fb was a good place to see their lives. I decided for me it was more about moderation. I completely get it and you are the one who made me rethink the time I was spending on fb. So thanks.

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