My sweet boy is FIVE!

Sayid turned five years old last Monday.  To celebrate, Melissa and I took him to the dog park, where he swam in the pond and ended up filthy and stinky.  Thankfully, we hosed him off and took him on a short walk to dry off a bit before putting him back in my car.



Then we took him to Petsmart for new toys and Petco for some cookies with icing from the snack bar.  He got a good, much needed bath when we got home.  Mama and Daddy came over later that night and brought him a few toys, as well.  I’d say he was sufficiently spoiled.

I have to post this photo of him with one of his new toys.  Melissa and I saw these and thought they were too funny to pass up.  We put some peanut butter in his new Kong pacifier and laughed as he worked to get the peanut butter out.  How adorable is he with his pacifier?!  At least we didn’t get him the pink one.  See, so it could have been worse!



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