It’s a GIRL! (And three boys!)

I’m borderline obsessed with my adorable little container garden in the back yard.  My uncle gave me a few smaller containers and told me about this really cheap potting soil his friend always uses and has success with, so I planted three more things with cheap potting soil.  I’ve got basil, cilantro (yum!), and gypsy sweet peppers.  Here is my garden with all seven of my crops.  (Crops?  Is it okay to call it a crop when it’s a very small amount?)


The back row is tomatoes (some are starting to show up!), strawberries (which are appearing to be completely useless), squash (MVP!), and cucumbers (which probably would like to have something to climb).  The front row is basil (which I really don’t think I’ve used much of before), cilantro (which I LOVE), and gypsy sweet peppers (why not).  And the very front is my precious Sayid and his frisbee.

I am finding my squash plant to be, by far, the most fun to watch.  It has grown so much!  I think it is so pretty when the yellow flowers start to bloom.  So over the past week, I’ve been paying attention to a bloom that has been right on the verge of opening up.  Then, finally, on Tuesday morning, I looked outside and saw this beautiful sight.


Isn’t it lovely?!  Then today, my sister texted me and asked if I knew anything about the male & female blooms and pollination.  I didn’t, so I looked it up online.  I learned so much! I feel so smart now.  I learned that only the female squash blossoms have the chance of turning into a squash that can be picked & eaten.  The male blossoms are just around for pollination purposes and then they just fall off and die.  But apparently, the male flowers are a delicacy.  So should I end up with an abundance of boys at some point, I might decide to try my hand at cooking a delicacy!  I learned that the boy plants are on longer stems, typically, and the girl blooms have a small fruit attached to the stem.  So I excitedly went outside to see if my beautiful bloom was a boy or a girl.  It’s a GIRL!  And I have three boys who will probably be opened up in the morning.  Then the bees need to come do their job.  I must say, gardening is fun.  This is the most interest I’ve had in anything scientific in a very long time.  I feel like a proud Mama, with my one girl and three boys!


It’s a GIRL!


It’s a BOY!


2 thoughts on “It’s a GIRL! (And three boys!)

  1. Looks great! Your garden is a lot farther along than mine – we had a frost last week! Happy sewing and growing to you, sister in Christ!

  2. Hahaha! I’m so glad I spurred you on to higher learning! I learned about that last year and was fascinated.

    Check my Pinterest board “If Only My Thumbs Weren’t Black” and see a pin I came across about how to increase your basil. As soon as mine gets tall enough, I’m going to try it. I planted all my herbs from seeds so it’s taking a while…

    I enjoy hearing about your garden and I’m glad your container gardening has worked out so well! Looks like you have room in your “cage” for a few more small pots. 😉 Oh, and I bet a tomato cage would fit in your cucumber pot, or you could get a sturdy dowel rod and gently tie your plant to it. Daddy could help you with that.

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