Current score: Birds – forfeit by force!

My dad has completed his project to protect my garden from the birds.  And not only are my strawberries protected, but so are all my other plants.  Drumroll, please …


I just love it!  It is the most functional thing I can imagine.  It’s lightweight enough that I can easily lift it and rest it on its side and tend to my plants.  And my last strawberry that was on the plant when I bought it is still intact!  Although, Daddy reports that the birds were fussing at him as he built this handy little contraption, so they’re not fans of Daddy’s creation.  Too bad for the birds that they aren’t calling the shots!  I’m glad they didn’t gang up and dive bomb at Daddy’s head in protest!  It’s just the greatest thing.  It makes me feel more confident that this garden might actually be successful.  It is also so much fun for me to come home and check their progress every day.  I genuinely look forward to it.

The amazing thing was that on Monday, when Daddy began this project, he texted me a photo of the frame in progress and my cucumber pot looked simply like a pot of soil.  When I got home a couple of hours later, Daddy pointed out that the plants were starting to make their way through the soil.  It was so cool to me.  I realize that is what happens when you plant seeds, but I never plant seeds!  So it was pretty neat stuff to a girl like me.

It has been nine days since I first started my garden.  The first night, Daddy suggested we go outside with a tape measure and take a picture of how tall the plants were, and that maybe I could do that every week or just periodically and watch their progress.  So this afternoon, I took the tape measure out and got some new photos.  All of my plants are doing well, but the squash plant has definitely seen the most growth!

Here are my tomatoes, nine days ago and today.  (I realize the photography angle was much better on the “before” shot!  Daddy was my lovely assistant that night, but I didn’t have a lovely assistant today.  Maybe next time!)  This plant is the one that looks the most like it did when I first got it, but I’m sure it’ll pick up some steam.  My tomato plant is now roughly 3″ taller.  Wow, I thought it was less!  Yay tomatoes!


My strawberry plant is less two strawberries from the beginning thanks to those pesky birds, but it has grown taller!  It is roughly two inches taller, but it seems wider, too!  You might notice my bright yellow plastic snake in the background of the second photo.  Now that the birds can’t access my strawberry plant, and since they didn’t fall for my tricks anyway, I suppose I could just let Sayid have that toy he’s been coveting!


Here’s my overachieving squash plant!  Look how amazing this is!  It has doubled in height, and is way wider than before, too.  This squash plant just makes me so happy.  My squash plant is this week’s MVP!  No, wait.  Daddy is most definitely this week’s MVP.  My squash plant is the runner-up!


And last but not least, my lovely little cucumbers.  They started as small groups of three seeds sprinkled in three sections of the pot, and now look at them!  They look so proud!


I’ve concluded that thanks to my sweet Daddy’s ingenuity, quality soil, and the fact that I’m actually paying attention to my plants this time around and enjoying it, I might actually be a successful gardener this year.  Fingers crossed!  So far, I’m finding it to be really fun.


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