Current score: Birds 2, Lindsay 0

I mentioned that the birds got my beautiful prized strawberry a few days ago.  Saturday morning, I had another pretty little strawberry growing.  I bought a fake snake at a garage sale that morning and put it in my strawberry pot, hoping they’d be tricked and stay away.

Sayid & I went with my parents to the park that morning, immediately after depositing said snake into strawberry pot, and then about an hour later, Mama and I left the park to pick up lawn chairs at their house and Sayid’s soccer ball at my house.  Upon getting the soccer ball out of the trunk of my car, I realized it was really flat.  So I walked through the back yard fence and around the corner to get the air pump out of the storage room.  As I rounded the corner, a bird frantically flew away from my garden area, squawking a warning to all his friends.  I think I actually yelled, “Hey!” at the bird, but being a bird, he wasn’t concerned with anything I had to say.  I glanced at my strawberry, and at the moment, it still looked lovely.

Fast forward to a couple of hours later when I got home from the park.  Once again, they had gotten my berry.  The fake snake my parents had in their garden last year was much more realistic looking.  My bright yellow snake didn’t fool these birds for a second.  (Also, Sayid has been eyeballing that snake ever since I brought it home, and last night while Melissa was in and out of the house grilling burgers, he got his chance.  She went back outside to find that he had stolen and was chewing on the snake.)  I started brainstorming a little and asked Daddy, who thrives on problem solving, to help me come up with an idea.  I needed something to protect my strawberries from those obnoxious birds!  And preferably, something big enough to also cover my tomato plant, because that’s probably the other part of my garden they’ll be interested in.  Daddy told me he’d think about it and come up with something.

And come up with something, he did!  It isn’t complete yet.  He worked several hours on it this afternoon and still has a bit more work to do before it’s ready.  But I think it’s safe to say those birds are pouting on their perches as they watch my innovative, problem-solving father put an end to their berry buffet!  As soon as it is complete – which will likely be in the next few days – I will post photos.  I’m just so happy about it!

Also, Daddy pointed out that my cucumber plants are starting to peek out from the soil, so I’m pretty happy about that, too!  My tomatoes, strawberries, and squash were all transplants and had already started growing.  But my cucumbers came from seeds!  I’m feeling pretty optimistic about my garden’s chances.


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