Roaming around Louisiana Tech

Melissa found out about an event on Tech’s campus yesterday afternoon for dogs, so she suggested that Sayid and I come to Ruston after I got off work.  Mama ended up finishing averaging grades around mid afternoon, so I invited her to come to Ruston with Sayid and me to celebrate.  The three of us met up with Melissa and tried to find the event.  We realized it was at the softball game and none of us wanted to go to the softball game, but we didn’t let that put a damper on our trip to Ruston.  We found a great park – aptly named Hideaway Park, since I was a student at Tech for years and never even knew this park existed – and took a walk.  Then we drove over to the main campus and walked some more.  Sayid and I took a photo outside the Bulldog Kennel, where I was a student worker.


We walked around Centennial Plaza where we found my sister’s and brother-in-law’s bricks.  (Speaking of which, I wonder if/when I’m ever gonna get my brick?!)




We roamed around a little bit more.  Sayid made some new friends.  Sayid was obviously thirsty after all that walking around and he and Mama had emptied her water bottle.  Melissa and Sayid waited by the Lady of the Mist fountain while Mama and I went to the car and got Melissa’s keys so she could go in her building and refill the water bottle for Sayid.  When we met up with them again, Mama wanted to take our picture, and then this  happened …


My sweet boy just fell backwards into the fountain!  Mama didn’t think she had gotten a photo, but I guess she had her finger on the button whenever Sayid started falling!  We could not stop laughing.  He looked so sad and ashamed at first.


But then he turned into a happy little hippopotamus when he realized it was water.  And he was thirsty.  And the water was at the perfect level where all he had to do was open his mouth on occasion and he could drink to his heart’s content!  I felt like I was at the hippo exhibit at the zoo!


Then Melissa helped pull that big 85 pound body out of the water.  I thought I was going to have to roll up my jeans and get in to give him a boost, but they were able to manage!


He is much easier to remove from the water when he’s wearing his life jacket that has a handle.  We’ve learned from experience that he’s not the most graceful fella, so when he rides in Grandpappy’s boat, a life jacket is required!  Who knew he’d also fall into this little body of water!

Okay, confession.  I think I was so busy trying to get him situated for the picture that I didn’t realize how much space Melissa and I were taking up, and I think I kind of shoved him off.  Ooops!  Nevertheless, it was a great little comedy routine!

Shortly after this happened, we left Ruston and drove back to West Monroe where Mama treated us to McAllister’s for supper.  It was a fun evening.


One thought on “Roaming around Louisiana Tech

  1. Yes, I laughed. It started at the picture of Sayid looking all ashamed for falling in the fountain. Then I continued laughing when you talked about him being like a hippo. Funny! Glad no one got in trouble! 🙂

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