Flat Stanley’s adventures with Sayid

My sister, Ashley, lives in Texas and asked me if her friend, who teaches elementary school, could send “Flat Stanley” to me.  Flat Stanley is a little character that teachers send on different travels/adventures for their students to follow.  I agreed, and a few days later, I received Flat Stanley in the mail along with a letter and instructions.


Sayid is a fan of adventures, so I took the two of them on a few.  We went to the dog park but I kept Stanley tucked safely away in my book because the dogs that day were far too hyper to risk Stanley’s demise.  So his adventures were much more limited than Sayid’s.  Melissa and I also took him to the playground with Sayid.  I had hoped to get a photo of Stanley sitting in the cup holder on a bike ride around my parents’ neighborhood, but any time I had the chance, it was either raining or far too windy.  I certainly didn’t want to send Stanley flying on the wind into one of the lakes, which is actually where I was picturing this cup holder photo op taking place.  Also, I think the great hope was that I’d get by the Duck Commander headquarters since Duck Dynasty is West Monroe’s claim to fame.  Alas, I had the same problem as with the bike ride – always too windy or raining whenever I had opportunity to go.  I figured I had held Stanley hostage long enough, so I sent the following letter and photos back to the kids.







Also, I must add, I’m not sure how Stanley got that black eye, but it wasn’t Sayid’s fault!


2 thoughts on “Flat Stanley’s adventures with Sayid

  1. Great Flat Stanley pictures! My favorite is the one at the top of the slide where Sayid is looking at Flat Stanley like, “Wanna slide? It’s fun!”

    We have several Flat Stanley books. Caleb read and enjoyed them all; Jacob never was interested, as is the case with most books. Next time you’re here, I’ll have to show them to you. 🙂

  2. Yes, I love that photo, too! And I would love to see the Flat Stanley books. We’ve gotta find Jacob some books he’ll like, so he’ll enjoy reading as much as the rest of us!

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