Sayid Loves Daylight Savings


Last fall, a fabulous dog park opened up in our town.  It’s located inside the nicest park in our area – Kiroli Park.  I remember being very nervous about taking Sayid to an off leash dog park because he tends to come across as aggressive to other dogs when on his leash.  Imagining his aggression coming to fruition when I was unable to snatch his leash and get him back in line was quite nerve-wracking.  Someone explained to my sister that when off their leashes, the dogs realize they don’t have to be protective and on guard, and they can just run and have a good time.  They said if two dogs don’t get along, they will likely just ignore each other, just like kids on a playground at school.  I was skeptical, but it turned out to be true.  Sayid does great at the dog park.  And now that the days are longer, we have gone out there after work the past two days.  The photo above of Sayid, Taylor, and Apollo was taken today.  Those three boys had fun. Yesterday, I took Sayid’s frisbee just in case he was the only dog there and needed something to play with.  It turned out Sayid had zero interest in the frisbee but Taylor, the Weimeraner, came up and snatched it right out of my hand.  Then two others – Apollo and Luke – joined Taylor for a three way tug of war.  They chased each other all over the place with that frisbee.  Sayid would only occasionally intervene if the others were getting too rough.  He was the referee bouncing around next to them, making gremlin sounds.  That frisbee wasn’t anything new to Sayid, so he wasn’t concerned as long as it got to come back home with him, I suppose.  I was so proud of him for sharing so well, because he can definitely be possessive sometimes!


That frisbee felt about three times heavier when we left since it was caked with dirt and the slobber of three dogs!  The dog park is such a fun place to go.  You get to visit with nice people and it’s really fun to watch all the dogs run and play together.  I laugh so much when I’m there just watching all their silly antics.  Tomorrow we’ll take a break and just play basketball in the driveway since it’s Survivor night.  Otherwise, we will take advantage of the dog park as much as we can while the weather is so nice. I highly recommend dog parks if any of my dog loving friends have access.  They make for happy, well exercised, tired puppies with dirty noses.



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