I turned 33 this week.  My roommates at work got me a birthday cake a couple of days before my birthday.  My sister, Melissa, got me a surprise breakfast of bagels from a place I had never even heard of but loved, and then we spent a fun day in Shreveport on my actual birthday.  I love taking the day off on my birthday, and I love that my sister will take the day off with me, so we can go have fun.

I got a whistling tea kettle!  I just love it.  I’ve always admired whistling tea kettles, but I don’t really know why.  I used it for the first time tonight and I like it.  The tea is tasty and it was nice to be alerted that the water was boiling with a sound other than the water boiling over and making a big mess!

My parents took me out to eat earlier in the week and this Thursday will be my special home cooked meal at Family Night.  I still am not sure what I want.  My mom cooks so many great things that it’s kind of hard to choose.  The dessert, I am sure of – lemon blueberry upside down cake.  The actual meal is still a mystery.

On the night my parents took me out to eat, we went to Tokyo in West Monroe.  My fortune said, “Your lost possession will be found within the month.”  It took me a minute to figure out anything that I had misplaced, but then I remembered – my tweezers!  I lost my good tweezers and have bought two (not very good) replacements since.  Oh how my eyebrows would benefit from my finding those tweezers!  I also realized I’m missing a pair of snowboarding socks, so I’d love to find both of those items.  Here’s hoping my fortune is correct twice!


3 thoughts on “33

  1. Thank you, Nancy! And my fortune was correct – I found my good tweezers today! My eyebrows, and all those people who have to look at my eyebrows, will be so pleased! 🙂

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