Veering away from sandwiches

Does anyone else get tired of sandwiches, wraps, or flat bread creations for lunch?  I’m so tired of these things.  I love bread if it’s freshly toasted, buttered french bread or a hot roll from Logan’s Roadhouse, but sandwich bread can be so boring.  It finally struck me that the only reason I eat sandwich bread is because it holds all the other stuff together.  It’s certainly not what I want to be eating for lunch every day.  My sister and I discovered the wonder of lettuce wraps last year, so I thought maybe I could do something with lettuce wraps instead.

I’ve started looking over the sale papers for the local grocery stores that appear in the mailbox, and I should have been doing that all along.  A few weeks ago, I found avocados for fifty cents each at Super One.  Fifty cents!  This week a few deals caught my eye.  They had red, orange, or yellow bell peppers for 98 cents each, and collard, turnip, or mustard greens for 78 cents per bunch.  I like cooking with bell peppers, but they’re usually about $2 each for anything other than green, so I jumped at this opportunity.  Also, I experimented with cooking collard greens for the first time a month or so ago, and they were delicious.  I figured 78 cents per bunch seemed like as good an excuse as any to cook some again.  So, I headed to Super One to take advantage of these deals.  I got three bell peppers – one of each color – and two bunches of collard greens.  Then I spotted an extra special deal – avocados for 38 cents each!  THIRTY EIGHT CENTS!!  So I grabbed three of those, too.  Then I headed to Walmart for my heavy duty shopping.

Anyway, I’m straying away from the point.  I’m tired of bread!  I want to do lettuce wraps to change things up a bit.  So, I decided to buy some ground turkey and cook it with some of the peppers and a little purple onion & garlic.  That will go in my lettuce leaves for my wraps.

I divided it up after it was cooked.  I’ve got two small bowls ready to grab & go for lunch for the next two workdays.  (And I bought a fresh pineapple that I already chopped up and some strawberries to go with my lunches, as well.)  Then I have a separate freezer bag with enough for two more servings for another time.  And on top of that, I’ve got three freezer bags of sliced, mixed bell peppers for cooking with later!  Success!


If anyone has ideas for lunches to take to work, I’d be interested in hearing them!


2 thoughts on “Veering away from sandwiches

  1. Great ideas! Or you and Melissa need to get a bread machine and make your own bread… I’m ready to make another loaf of cranberry walnut bread for some amazing Jacked-Up Turkey Sandwiches – toast a slice or two, spread with cream cheese, and add fresh spinach, sliced turkey, and some thin slices of apple. Mmmmmmmm…

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