Weekend at Janie’s

Jody, Janie, and I spent the weekend at Janie’s in New Iberia.  Weekends at Janie’s always turn into endless buffets.  Evidence below!


Janie needs to open a bed and breakfast.  Breakfast is definitely her specialty!  But she’s not too shabby at desserts & other meals either.

It was just a good, lazy weekend.  We stayed in pajamas much longer than on a normal day, we ate (clearly) to our hearts content and beyond, we played a new board game Janie bought on one of our Walmart trips, we rented a Redbox movie – although Jody is the only one who stayed awake through the whole thing, and we laughed a lot.

My friends informed me that I’m quirky.  (As if that is a breaking news alert!)  Janie informed us that she has “drinked” Walmart milk before.  Jody requested that Janie make her some hot chocolate to “warm her soul” after the lights were out and we were all about to fall asleep. (That request was denied, obviously!)  Fun times.  It sure is good to get together with them every now and then.  🙂



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