So long, Facebook!

Facebook and I have a love/hate relationship.  I find Facebook more irritating than anything else, but I keep going back to it.  It’s a bad habit and it needs to be broken.  I’ve decided to give up Facebook for Lent, and I must confess, I hope I find myself so much more content without it that I don’t reactivate my account.  Yes, I realize I am not Catholic, but I do see the point in sacrificing something important to you.  Also, I think it’s a little sad how Facebook is that important to me.  I’d like to say it’s not, but I find myself clicking on my Facebook app on my phone & scrolling through my News Feed numerous times a day out of sheer habit.  I can deny all I want, but the amount of time I spend on Facebook tells the reality of the situation.

What keeps me on Facebook?  I think it’s mostly just keeping up with friends.  I like seeing cute pictures of my friends’ kids and seeing exciting things happening in their lives.  I like following Louisiana Boxer Rescue.  I like the friends I have met along the way whom I communicate with via Facebook.  But I keep going back to how more often than not, I find this whole social network irritating.  It’s impersonal.  Tonight I wrote an email to a friend – a friend who has admirably removed herself from Facebook and is happy with that decision – and it actually felt really nice to just send a personal email to one friend instead of a status update to hundreds of friends/acquaintances.  Janie, you’re next.  🙂  I guess I hope I still get to hear from my friends on occasion without being on a big impersonal list of hundreds.  I have a phone number and an email address that both work perfectly well!  I will welcome those cute photos of their kids being delivered to me via text message.  I know it’s hard to break habits, especially when they are just so convenient, but I want my friendships to return to a more simple, genuine, personal manner, even if it means I am going in a different direction than the majority.

I’m also hopeful that abstaining from Facebook will get me back into the habit of blogging.  (I will always hate the word “blogging”, but I like the actual activity!)  Before diary-x crashed, I would post regular blogs – several per week.  This time period was during college, and I wrote about so many fun things I did with my friends.  I even created scrapbooks for two of my friends when they graduated that were full of stories/blog entries pertaining to fun memories with them.  I think part of the problem with Facebook is that it has made everyone condense their thoughts into two or three sentences and broadcast a variety of those thoughts throughout the day.  Nothing goes deeper than a few sentences, and there are no details … other than details nobody really wants to know.  (You all know what I mean.  We all have the TMI-type friends who talk about their toddler’s bathroom habits or the list of places they threw up today, since they’re pregnant and are always sick to their stomach.)  I miss blogging, but I don’t make time for it.  Maybe a Facebook hiatus will bring me back to it.  Because, truly, in ten years from now, I’d much rather backtrack on a blog and read about an extra fun family night or a game night with friends in detail than shuffle through tons of clutter to maybe see a two sentence status update about it.  This is a better way to preserve memories, and I make a lot of good ones.

By Ash Wednesday, my account will be deactivated.  It may be deactivated before then, but I want to give myself some time to make sure to exchange email addresses with some friends I’d like to keep up with.  Truthfully, I’m really looking forward to this.  I think it’ll be a good thing.  So, goodbye Facebook, for at least six weeks.  And if it feels as liberating as I hope it will, maybe goodbye for good.


8 thoughts on “So long, Facebook!

  1. Very nice. I think it could do us all some good. I have been playing with the idea my self. You add points that I haven’t thought of. Thanks and Good luck. I will try to find your blogs. 🙂

  2. Sorry, I am so new to this I just discovered how to check comments. UGH. Ok will hopefully do this right. First, I think you can click on nancycavs and it will bring your right to my blog. I also have a blog about my dogs and that is at am I allowed to post that. I don’t know the rules or if I am breaking them.

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