Goals – Reviewing 2012 & Setting 2013

Upon reviewing my goals for 2012, it appears I went 6-5.  I can only assume I didn’t really want to learn to knit that badly afterall, and bikes are more fun to ride when you’ve got company (so I will work on that again this year).  Also, sadly, I did not make memorizing scripture a priority, like I had originally hoped.

The other two I counted as not reached, I’m honestly not sure if I reached them or not.  One was to drink less cokes.  I’m sure that I drank less cokes at work.  I used to keep a case of cokes in my office and would always have a cold one waiting in the fridge.  I haven’t had a case of cokes at work in a long time.  And being the frugal person that I am, I’ve gotta really want a coke to part with $1.25 at the coke machine.  As for home … I probably drank just as much coke as I used to.  So, who knows if I succeeded at that goal or not.

The other was to try at least one new recipe a month.  I know I tried several recipes over the course of the year, but I don’t know if I did one every month.  I don’t even know if I tried twelve new recipes all year.  For all I know, I tried more than twelve.  (I probably tried at least twelve.)  But I’m not certain.  So I am counting that as an unreached goal.

As far as successes go, I did write to my Compassion kids every month.  I did pay off my car early.  (Actually, due to a very generous surprise gift from my parents, my dad went and paid the last $1,100 or so shortly after my birthday.  So, it got paid off in February!  But, had I continued on my own, I would have had it paid off no later than June.)  I did take an online course, but learned that it does not suit me well.  I read more than ten books in the year.  I learned a few new sewing projects – my favorite of which was the tree/leaves pillow!  And I am happy to report that I am a better employee than I was a year ago.  In fact, I am looking forward to going back to work tomorrow after my long vacation I took for Christmas & New Years.

Alright, so what does 2013 look like as far as my goals go?  Let’s see.

1.  Write to my Compassion kids every month.    This is a goal I have been setting for the last several years and want to continue.  The difference in the quality of my relationships with my kids now and that of my first few years of sponsorship when I rarely wrote to my kids is undeniable.  If I could go back and change those first few years and be a more encouraging, involved sponsor, I would.  So … now that I know better, I have to do better.  It’s worth the time and effort.  So … with my sponsored kids and my correspondent child, there should be a minimum of 60 letters written this year.

2.  Read the books on my bookshelf.  I have obtained quite a few books that are on my bookshelf, but have not been read.  I just counted sixteen.  I’m not going to force myself to read them if I find them uninteresting.  But, I need to at least give them a shot.  If I like them, great!  If I don’t, I can donate them to the thrift store and clear off some space.

3.  Wear the clothes in my closet.  My closet is not big, but it is definitely full.  I went through tonight and pulled out some clothes that I’m sure I’ll never wear again, and put them in the thrift store donation pile.  Other clothes, I liked, but haven’t worn.  At the end of 2013, anything in my closet that I find I still have not worn at all should be donated.

4.  Learn to change the oil in my car.  My dad always changes the oil in my car.  He insists on it, in fact.  I would like to know how to do it, too.  I am going to have him teach me.

5.  Ride my bike more than I did in 2012.  Unfortunately, it won’t take much for this goal to be accomplished.  It’s sad how little I rode my bike in 2012.  Because, actually, I really enjoy riding my bike.

6.  Embrace my second amendment rights responsibly & to the fullest.  And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

7.  Finish saving my fully funded emergency fund.  Almost there!

8.  Save at least $5,000 toward a downpayment on a house.  I think and hope this will be possible!

9.  Memorize scripture.  For real this time.  But I’ve heard some wise advice that you are more likely to reach your goals if they are measurable.  So, this may not seem like much, but I’d like to memorize at least TEN verses of scripture this year.  Surely I can memorize ten.

10.  Get out of my comfort zone a bit.  I am a homebody by nature.  I need to actually accept a few invitations this year to do something fun and different.  Oh, and while I’m at it, I need to find a church.  Seriously.

11.  Continue being a productive employee.  I know I sometimes have days where I feel like I didn’t get much done.  Sometimes I just can’t stay focused and sometimes I feel like I’m just putting out fires all day at work.  But lately, more often than not, I’ve been able to leave work feeling good about my accomplishments that day.  My hope is that at the end of every work week, I can feel good about my productivity.  I want to drive home on Friday evenings feeling like I was purposeful that week, and that my good, focused, productive moments far outweighed my bad.  Every day is a new day.  After the occasional bad one, focus on having a good one.  I want to do my best.

12.  Stick with my 10:00 PM bed time during the work week.  I realize this sounds a little odd for a 32 year old to give herself a bed time, but I think part of my increase in productivity at work lately is due to the fact that I get enough sleep at night.  At 10:00, give or take five minutes, I need to be in the bed with the lights off.  (And Netflix off, and my phone put away, and my computer put away, and my book put away … etc.)

13.  Keep taking my lunch to work.  It saves money and the truth is there aren’t many good restaurants near my office anyway.  I got kind of lazy there toward the end of 2012 and had to run out and buy lunch a few times when I really didn’t want anything that area of town had to offer.  So, I need to get back to it … pack a good, healthy lunch every day with very rare exceptions of buying lunch.

14.  Take Sayid to the dog park consistently.  He loves it.  I love it.  I have an annual park pass which gets me in without having to pay fifty cents each time.  My car is a gas sipper.  I have no excuse not to.  (Right now I do, because it’s dark so soon after I get home from work.  But soon, when there’s enough daylight in the evenings, we will be utilizing that wonderful dog park as often as we can.)

Okay, I suppose fourteen goals is enough!  I don’t want to overwhelm myself and I am in danger of doing so!

I hope 2013 is a great year for us all.