8:00-4:30 & I are getting along just fine!

I changed my work schedule to working five days, 8:00-4:30, and I just completed my first week on that new schedule.  I also just started counting calories on Monday.  I want to lose seven pounds (which should be attainable) & tone up.  And I gave myself a 10:00 bedtime about a week ago.  Those were all my new changes that have gone into effect.  And let me just say – SUCCESS.

I really like the 8:00-4:30 schedule.  Mornings are good.  Days are good.  Evenings are good.  It’s all good.

I get out of bed no more than fifteen minutes past the time I used to get up.  Three mornings this week, I’ve cooked breakfast for my sister & me.  One morning was chocolate chip muffins, one morning was breakfast sandwiches, & one morning was blueberry muffins.  Melissa felt pretty spoiled walking out the door with a fresh, warm breakfast wrapped in aluminum foil!  (She told me I was fired the first morning I didn’t make breakfast!)  I’ve had time to straighten my hair every morning.  I fluffed up whatever load of clothes were in the dryer & folded/hung them up twice this week, I think.  And I even put on makeup one day.  I had time to do these things.  It’s really nice not to feel rushed.  It’s nice to eat something at home (or wrap something up and take it with me if I’m not quite hungry enough yet) for breakfast.  It sure beats digging through my desk drawers for whatever junk I can find to eat.  And I know exactly what time I should leave to avoid heavy traffic at the elementary school down the street.  If I leave at 7:25, I don’t have to look at my clock in a panic at all, and I arrive at work between 7:45-7:50 in the morning.  I get to work early.  ME.  The mornings are going very well.

My day isn’t so long that I’m exhausted at the end of it.  My productivity at work this week has been great.  I haven’t come home a single day this week thinking, “I really wasted too much time today.”  Every day I left work feeling like I had truly earned my paycheck.  It’s a good feeling.  I’ve yawned a handful of times throughout the day, but only once did I think, “I want a nap.”  And that feeling passed quickly.  One day when I got home this week, I mowed our yard.  One day I went to my parents’ house & rode bikes with Mama for a little while.  On my old schedule of 7:00-5:30, I was always exhausted when I got home and didn’t have the energy to do much of anything.  So, this has been nice.

When I woke up Wednesday, I had an initial thought of being bummed out that I was going to work.  Wednesday was my off day previously.  But I reminded myself that had decided to make this change.  Nobody made me do it.  The first two days on the new schedule had gone really well, so there was no reason Wednesday should be bad.  And, you know what?  It wasn’t.  It wasn’t bad at all.

I’ve adhered to my 10:00 PM bedtime (or within ten or fifteen minutes past it) all week.  There were a couple of nights that I’d lay here a while, not really sleepy enough yet.  But I didn’t allow myself to grab my phone or a book or turn on Netflix for entertainment.  I would just lay here until I would fall asleep.  I knew it would make a difference in my energy level & productivity, so I made myself stick to it.  And I’m glad!  There wasn’t a single morning this week that I woke up thinking, “No … I just need ten more minutes.”  Every morning I woke up thinking I was ready to get up & get going.

Last weekend, I went shopping for some healthy lunch options.  And every night I would pack my lunch to take to work the next day.  I’d just grab it out of the fridge in the morning and go.  That went very well, except I’ve still been hungry after lunch.  This calorie counting is not fun.  It’s not fun, but it’s still going well.  I even discovered that oranges aren’t as dull & boring & sticky as I thought they were.  When I slice them & put them in a container at night, it’s not a sticky situation to deal with the next day.  And, surprisingly, they taste really good!

I’ve done well sticking with my calorie goals with the exception of Thursday night.  Thursday night is always family night at my parents’ house.  I lost my mind that night.  It’s hard to behave when you’re met with mashed potatoes (real ones, of course), slow cooked roast & mushroom gravy, rolls, sweet tea, & chocolate covered strawberries.  Oh, we had salad too, which was delicious, but that didn’t do me in.  My main problem was the chocolate covered strawberries.  I ate that dessert like I hadn’t seen food in a year!  But, like my work roommates said, enjoying myself at family night once a week is not going to make or break me.  So, Thursdays will be the one night I give myself permission to eat what I want & stay up past my bedtime.  Ha!

Bring on week two!


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