I love audience giveaways!

Several years ago, my friend, Jody, & I went to New York City.  We got tickets to The View & went to a taping.  (This is back when the show wasn’t as ridiculous as it is now.  Meredith & Star were still there.  No Rosie.  No Whoopi.)  The guests that day were the finalists from Project Runway, Danielle Steel, & Doris Roberts.  I was hoping they’d give the audience a season of Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD.  (Jody wasn’t excited about that possibility because she had never seen the show & didn’t really like sitcoms.)  Well, no DVDs.  We were each given a copy of Danielle Steel’s latest book – The House.  That was my first audience giveaway.  (Oh, and I might add that our last night in NYC, after we packed our stuff up, we watched several episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond on tv in our hotel room.  Jody laughed a lot & concluded, “Lep, I do like this show!”)

This past January, I went to New York City with some friends.  While we were there, we happened upon someone giving away standby tickets for a taping of the Dr. Oz show.  I think Dr. Oz is a little goofy sometimes from what I’ve seen of him, but we thought it would be fun, so we went.  The segment on “The Surgery You Should Be Asking For” (aka gastric bypass) was a little over the top for me.  But the segment on SLEEP made me happy, because I love sleep!  I love sleep so much I’ve recently given myself a bedtime, as a 32 year old adult!

So, not only was the sleep segment interesting, but Dr. Oz gave us all kinds of free stuff!  Over the course of the last two months, I’ve received four gifts from Dr. Oz – the final gift arriving yesterday.

First was my cooling mattress pad with NASA technology that supposedly detects when you get too warm & cools you down.  I haven’t noticed that.  I have noticed that I’ve woken up hot a few times, but no more or less than usual.  So I’m not so sure about this NASA technology claim, but it is a very soft, comfortable mattress pad.

Second was my white noise sound machine.  It’s great!  I used it a couple of nights, but it sounds just like the small personal fan I run in my room.  I definitely need white noise when I sleep.  It’s way too quiet if it’s just silence.  I’ve been known to turn on the bathroom vent just to have a little white noise if I’m sleeping somewhere other than my own bedroom.  My parents have been borrowing my white noise sound machine since I don’t need it on account of my fan & they love it.

My third gift was an eye mask that completely shuts out all light (that’s true!) & ear plugs.  I don’t have a need for the ear plugs.  I need white noise, not silence.  The ear plugs sit unused in a drawer.  The eye mask has been useful a few times.  On those rare occasions that I am going to sleep with a headache, I pull out my homemade eye mask shaped rice bag from the freezer & put it over my eyes, and then cover it with my eye mask from Dr. Oz.  It holds the cold pack in place & I sleep like a baby.

Then gift number four which came yesterday is a pillow that is helpful for neck/back alignment.  It is very comfortable.  I slept great on it last night, and I’m looking forward to going to sleep on it again in twenty minutes when my self-imposed bedtime arrives.

So, to sum it up, I’m glad I sat through the gastric bypass segment to get to this amazing sleep set-up.  I may have to go to a Dr. Oz taping again next time I’m in NYC.  He gives away some great stuff!  (Better than The View.  Plus, you don’t have to listen to all those ladies holler over each other.)


3 thoughts on “I love audience giveaways!

  1. That’s some great stuff! I’ve never been in an audience to get free stuff, but it always looks like it’d be fun.

    How was the Danielle Steel book? I can’t remember if I’ve read that one or not. I’ve always liked her books, but I got burned out a while back. Maybe I need to try again. If you want some titles of some of her best ones, let me know!

    • I actually never read the Danielle Steel book. I wrote in the front where I got it & it’s on my bookshelf. I’ve never read any of her books, but I might have to read that one. 🙂

      • Definitely read it! You need to do like I’m doing this year and read a few books from your own shelves instead of only ones from the library. 🙂

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