Goodbye beloved Wednesdays

For the past year & a half, at least, I’ve been working a four day work week – 7:00-5:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays – with Wednesdays off.  Oh, how I’ve loved my Wednesdays.  Wednesday is the most perfect off day.  Think about it.  Yes, there are perks to a three day weekend for those who have Monday or Friday off.  But WEDNESDAY.  Wednesday means two days at work, a day at home, two days at work, two days at home.  A day off in the middle of the week is hard to top.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to switch to a five day work week with the 8:00-4:30 schedule.  (That’s currently the only option for a five day schedule.)  I’ve completed the paperwork to make the switch & my new schedule will go into effect Monday, March 5th.  I have mixed feelings about the decision because, like I said, I love Wednesdays.  But, I feel like it’ll be the best thing overall for several reasons.

When I get to work at 7:00 (okay, fine … 7:03-ish), I’ll usually find myself digging through my desk drawers to see what snacks I have.  I don’t get up early enough to eat breakfast at home, so breakfast always happens at my desk.  My breakfast could be anything from instant grits to a few fun sized candy bars to kettle chips.  Not very healthy options.  A healthy lunch is usually also bypassed for similar choices, since I don’t get up early enough to fix a lunch to bring with me.  We do not have many good food options near our office and it’s tough to get somewhere, buy something, eat it, and be back to work within our allotted 30 minute lunch break.  And I snack too much on the same junk.  Then I get home at nearly 6:00, too tired to do much of anything.  I’ll cook several times a week, because I enjoy cooking & I like good food, but ten hours at the child support office makes for a very long, exhausting day.  It’s just not a good situation.  I feel like it’ll be better both for my health & my productivity to go to a five day work week of 8 hour days.

I’ve begun to prioritize going to bed earlier, but I’m about to kick it up a notch.  I am giving myself a bed time.  This will no longer be one of those “oh, I’d like to get to bed kind of early more often” fleeting thoughts.  My bed time is now 10:00 PM.  (The book I’m currently reading – The Happiness Project – kind of inspired me to just go ahead & set myself a bed time.  It makes sense to me.  Why not?!)

So yeah, if I go to bed at 10:00 PM & wake up at 6:00, I will have an hour & twenty-five minutes before I need to leave my house.  If I don’t push it any later, I could avoid the heavy school traffic & even get to work a good ten or fifteen minutes before 8:00.  No more rushing! Think of how much I could get done!  An hour & twenty-five minutes is twice as much time as I currently give myself in the morning, so as to avoid having to fight with my sister over hot water when we would both be in our showers at the same time.  This sounds very appealing to me.  Eight hours of rest.  (I love sleep.)  An hour & twenty-five minutes to get ready to leave.  This would allow me to check my bank account online every morning, fix a healthy lunch to take to work (which I actually prefer to anything I could get at McDonalds or Sonic), cook breakfast (occasionally) for my sister & me, straighten my hair without rushing, and maybe even put on makeup!  (MAYBE.)  Imagine the possibilities!

Then, getting off at 4:30 would allow me to get home by 5:00.  Or I could go straight from work to my parents’ house & ride my bike.  (My bike lives at their house because they have the best neighborhood for riding bikes.)  No matter what time of year it is, there is always still daylight outside at 4:30 PM.  Working 7:00-5:30 puts me going to work & coming home from work in the dark during some months of the year.  But this new schedule will allow for daylight.  Sayid could get some play time in with daylight, instead of sometimes having to resort to chasing a laser light around the back yard in the dark.

I will have five hours from the time I actually get home (or anywhere else I may go after work) & the time I go to bed.  Five hours.  A lot can be accomplished in five hours.  I want to be more deliberate with how I spend my time.  I’ll have to be.  I can’t just put everything off until Wednesday anymore, because I will be working on Wednesdays.  I’ll have to do laundry other nights of the week instead of all day Wednesday.

Positive changes are in store.  I think this will be a good thing.  I’m excited for the change.  Well, every day except Wednesday, of course.  🙂


One thought on “Goodbye beloved Wednesdays

  1. I didn’t realize you’ve had Wednesdays off for that long! Since it’s your choice and you have a plan, maybe it won’t be too hard of a transition. Enjoy your last free Wednesday!

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